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Battery energy storage industry meet the five good policy

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
Recently, the national energy bureau issued 'about promoting the electric energy storage to participate in' three north 'area of power auxiliary service compensation ( Market) Notice of the pilot mechanism countries regulation [ 2016] No. 164. Basically has the following notable: one is the first clear the electric energy storage as an independent market main body status. In the original rules, the auxiliary services refers to the auxiliary service provided by the grid power plant, the provider of the ancillary services including AGC FM limited to grid power plant, energy storage as a non-traditional power equipment has not won the market main body status. Rectification names, view the tea you know that no market position of the hard times, has seriously restricted the development of energy storage. In order to solve this problem, 'notice' clearly, the power generation side of the construction of the electrical energy storage facilities, 'but with joint participation peakload FM, or as an independent subject participate in ancillary services market transactions'; User side of the construction of the electrical energy storage facilities, 'can be used as an independent market main body and associated with power generation enterprises to participate in FM, depth of peak shaving and start-stop peak shaving and other auxiliary services'. This means that the power generation side and user side, energy storage have been independent market position. The second is the compensation of the electric energy storage, the method of payment. 'Notice' clearly, in the power generation side, 'electrical energy storage power equal to power plant capacity, according to the power plant related contract price settlement'. Compared with the power generation side, view the tea you think user side electric energy storage is endowed with more options, 'charge capacity both executable directory of electricity, can also be involved in electric power directly deal to buy low power, discharge can be for personal use, also can be regarded as a distributed power supply to the user of electric power to the nearest sale'. Three is for grid access and expense settlement put forward clear requirements. 'Notice' requirements power grid enterprises to take the initiative to provide services for energy storage facilities connected to the electricity grid, timely settlement auxiliary service fee by the regulation. Four is to electric power dispatching is put forward clear request. 'Notice' requirements electric power dispatching agencies responsible for inspection, records storage real-time charging and discharging status; Participate in the market transaction, the state of charge and discharge to accept unified dispatching command it is actually made a rule for energy storage, view the tea you think it is necessary for system stability. Five is to notify the scope has a good scalability. Look from the name, 'notice' seems to be just in view of the 'three north' area, but but it is not. Need to remind friends special attention is that the words, 'the rest of the country the need for electric energy storage in electric power load of FM auxiliary service compensation ( Market) Mechanism of the pilot, the relevant local agency reported to the National Energy Administration for the record, shall notify 'execution. That is to say, the 'notice' for 'three norths' on the surface, but for the country, as long as the local agency to the energy bureau for the record, and can carry out pilot! ! ! Lithium battery, storage battery manufacturer, the product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, the national group by China ping an insurance company, a two-year warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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