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Battery electric vehicle battery terminal climb acid analysis

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
Battery electric vehicle battery connection can be divided into soft connection and hard links, the service life of the arrived after a certain time, terminal produce oxide, this kind of oxide corrosion leads to terminals, must be clear in time, keep the surface of the electric vehicle battery clean, generally in adding distilled water too much, or seal is not strong, the charging time will produce this item, capillarity is a major cause of lead to climb acid battery terminals, according to the working principle of storage battery can know, charger for battery charging at a certain voltage, in the process of the charging, battery internal produces chemical reaction, coupled with the vehicle battery on the surrounding environment factors, inside the battery tub will produce some gas. For example, H2, O2 and acid fog. Under normal circumstances, the H2 and O2 is due to the small molecules, the vehicle movement process in a big department will through a small battery cover hydrophobic gas filter, and the internal battery acid mist will contact with the terminal battery has a crack on the shell or shell parts, due to the different phase interface between the tiny cracks, the combination of lead and PP material there is a problem, acid exudation outward along the tiny crack. This is because of the existence of capillary phenomenon led to the battery terminal climb acid.
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