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Batteries, power station into a new energy vehicles

by:Vglory      2020-07-03
In the new energy automotive industry, which area of the 'cake' most? With the rise of new energy technologies, the internal combustion engine vehicle business in the era of glamorous cases are being replaced by another, many companies want to cross the original parts threshold, a manufacturer of a vehicle. Analysts believe that in terms of market increments, battery, motor and other component manufacturers to benefit the most, even more important is the manufacturer of these parts or the auto industry will change the existing pattern. Industry experts said that in the era of the internal combustion engine, the value of complete vehicle enterprises, accounting for 25% car, 75% of the cost in parts and components suppliers. In the era of electric vehicles, a car nearly 90% of the manufacturing part of the cost will be spent on parts, much of it is that the car battery. 'The battery is new energy automotive industry chain the most important and most valuable part of an investment with conventional cars, the new energy automotive batteries determines the basic performance of the vehicle's driving performance.' Hongyuan Securities analyst Wang Jing said . Battery is the core of new energy vehicles, the most critical component, as predicted lithium-ion batteries will soon become a mainstream alternative to nickel-hydrogen batteries power batteries, lithium batteries power the new energy vehicles on the demand-pull focus to become the brightest organizations. Clearly, the lithium-ion battery, motor, electronic control and other electric vehicles, industrial chain related businesses will face even greater opportunities for development. 'Europe, the United States, Japan in the traditional engine cars have a large advantage, hybrid HEV in Japan has a large advantage, but a large number of patent applications in China in the two paths are difficult to exceed the foreign industry in China selected Plug-in Hybrid PHEV, EV electric line in line with the long-term development goals automobile industry, while China in the battery, motor, lithium, rare earth resources have a comparative advantage, favor long-term development of new energy vehicles. 'CRE securities analysts Gregory believes that the basic power to determine the route of lithium battery positive. 'The new energy policy support for a larger car, its long-term development path has been clear, the market needs gradual cultivation, but may exceed the expected progress in the development of electric vehicles, batteries benefit from a larger variety in China has been more negative and the electrolyte mature, positive will gradually mature, now mainly in the settlement of mass stability problems. lithium is the general trend of long-term development. 'CRE Securities expects the new energy vehicles in 2012 will exceed 10 million units, which 6 billion battery industry can lead the market in the next three annual compound growth of more than 50%. Another forecast that the lithium battery is likely in the next 10 to 20 years to develop into a several hundred billion-dollar global market, and a few dominant companies will reap most of the growth of the industry results. Therefore, Huatai Securities analyst Yao Hongguang suggested the company's investment in this area should be 're-light price' principle, the quality of future competition in strategic emerging industries to win in a higher probability of return can bring potential growth , the valuation will be much higher than the increase in short-term high investment costs. Currently in development and production of lithium-based listed companies sailing shares, universal cash flows and the billion Wei Li, etc., to produce lithium-based components have Fosugufen, Topband shares Shanshangufen, China Fang Textile, China Baoan, Foshan lighting. New energy vehicles will quickly pull the industry is supporting another power plant construction. Grid Corporation of the charging station construction has been in full swing, the national network planning and construction of 75 in 2010 electric car charging stations, more than 6,000 charging pile, with South network project will be completed by the end of the total over 100 charging stations. Great Wall Securities expects the State Grid Corporation of the capital city construction completed in 2015, charging stations built in 4000, to 2020 10 000 charging stations. Power Grid Company's strategy is to build the new energy vehicles into the grid system of distributed energy storage and energy use, improve electricity as a proportion of final energy consumption. Meanwhile, the infrastructure supporting the construction of the development of new energy vehicles in China has provided a guarantee. Mobile phone battery conservation attention to two errors & four Myth one: the time to charge more than 12 hours, repeated three times to activate the battery. This statement is very wrong, the above argument is for the nickel battery, but the current mobile phone lithium batteries are used. For over-charging and over-discharge of lithium batteries, especially lithium-ion battery fluid can cause great harm. Because the most appropriate charge in accordance with standard enrichment, and more than 12 hours to avoid the charge. Myth: For the activation of mobile phone batteries. Currently sold through the mobile phone battery manufacturers are activated through the battery, so no need to carry out the activation can be, will be adhered to over-discharge ion activity was reduced. Thus reducing the life. Note a: not freeloaders use cottage battery. First, be sure to choose to purchase a large manufacturer of genuine battery, try not to use non-original batteries, charger. When a problem is to have access to the battery to the battery manufacturers, repair and replacement. Note 2: Do not charge too long. Many of my friends are used to charge at night, wake up do not know how long the battery has been charged. Battery as much as possible to avoid more than 12 hours of charging time. If the conditions allow it, the battery is fully charged when it should stop, according to the battery to avoid unnecessary damage. Note three: mobile phone to do to empty before filling. There are a lot of friends that completely dead battery to a rechargeable battery is better for this. In actual fact, no electricity in the phone prompts when they should start charging. It has been too low because the cell phone battery warning appears, still do not charge to use the example has been used in automatic shutdown. The results of this case, cell phone charging and starting later in the no response, had to send customer service overhaul. In fact, this is because of the battery due to excessive discharge leading to low voltage, so that does not have the normal charging and power-condition caused. Note 4: Note waterproof. Pay attention to moisture to prevent the battery drops to avoid the high temperature storage and charging, try not to call in the charge state, for a long time without the phone, take the battery out. Secondly, the battery fell into the water encountered in the case, do not immediately shut down, do not press any key to chaos, This is to prevent water flowing into the gap with the keyboard circuit board. But should open the phone directly off the battery cover, and then erected the phone aside to let the water naturally. Let the phone dry naturally more secure, remember not to put sun exposure. Some phones will because prolonged use or damp surface bulge in the battery, the battery will blur the words the surface, this should not long uninterrupted time to call, to avoid the high-temperature environments, manufacturers try to help resolve genuine. Anhui Forklift Group successfully developed explosion-proof electric forklifts To adapt to and meet market demand, Anhui Forklift Group's Industrial Vehicles Co., Ltd. Hengyang together various types of active R & D explosion-proof industrial vehicles. Currently, 1-3.5 tons forklift battery explosion counterbalanced three varieties of 7 series of products have been successfully developed and put in production. Products are made of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued production licenses and national explosion-proof electrical products issued by Quality Supervision and Inspection Center explosion qualified certification. The line-absorption of the advantages of electric forklifts and abroad, based on the combination of advanced technology, and actively carry out technological innovation, with a wide field of vision lifting systems, hydraulic steering, power brakes automatically by the new variable speed control, open-type overhead guard and other advanced components, and with a good quality motor, battery, MOSFET power control. Superior performance, easy operation, wide field of vision, to flexible, reliable braking, power, and noise pollution, beautiful shape, especially for petroleum, chemical, light industry and other enterprises in the flammable gas mixture of dangerous places, engaged in material handling, transportation, stacking and other operations. Hengyang together a successful R & D explosion-proof counterbalanced forklift battery products not only enhance the Group's technological innovation capacity forklift and production capacity, but also for the 'force' the family added a new series. Currently, Hengyang is moving together to create the domestic first-class industrial base into the explosion-proof vehicles. Shopkeeper magnetism to be 873 million investment project to build solar cells Hengdian DMEGC (002056) on Friday night announced that the company intends to invest in Hengdian park east building 300MW solar magnetic crystalline silicon solar cells and 50MW components of the project. Approval of the project total investment 873 million yuan, is expected to achieve sales revenue of all the production year after 3.1 billion, the total annual profit of 304 million. Company said the investment will enrich the product structure, increase profit margins, improve the company's competitiveness, the solar industry in the field of sustainable long-term development. Toshiba, Mitsubishi, PSA cars with lithium batteries can challenge the durability According to recent reports, Japan's Toshiba (Toshiba Corp.) Mitsubishi Motors will soon release an electric car battery supply system. And in addition to Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi French partner - PSA Peugeot Citroen (PSA) is also possible to use Toshiba's R & D of lithium battery systems. The news is issued, the Toshiba responded by saying: 'Toshiba and Mitsubishi Motors began a year ago co-developing a vehicle called SCiB lithium battery system. The battery charging system with superior capacity, charging time is short and long life. ' Toshiba also said: 'Since this lithium battery system has not passed the final test, so Mitsubishi has not yet officially decided whether to adopt this system, but Toshiba is hoping to become the Mitsubishi battery system supplier.' Followed by Mitsubishi Motors spokesman said, Mitsubishi and Toshiba does in the car battery exchange system. However, Toshiba, Mitsubishi refused to eventually become a lithium battery system supplier for comment. In addition to Toshiba, the Mitsubishi is still lithium battery systems with other vendors to contact. Other Electronics News: Lenovo Battery , Lenovo R40E Battery , Lenovo R50 Battery , Lenovo R50P Battery , Lenovo R51 Battery , Lenovo R51E Battery , Lenovo R52 Battery , etc.
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