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2015 electric lithium battery who are the top 10 enterprises?

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
According to statistics, in 2015 China's lithium electric vehicle sales estimated at around 3 million, accounts for the whole electric one over ten of the total sales, including lithium electric vehicle exports is expected in 500000 - 600000 units. The rapid development of lithium electric bicycle vehicle from motors, lithium batteries, controllers, chargers and other electronic control technology mature and stable management system, more benefit from the lithium battery to further improve the quality and performance. However, the development of the lithium battery has entered the stage of price war as lead-acid battery: enterprises in scale effect. But in lithium battery and lead acid battery manufacturing is completely different: lithium-ion batteries, Material from the positive to the cell and to PACK) There must be more the investment of capital, technology, more management experience, more research and development and the accumulation of intellectual property rights, as well as the long-term stable technical and management team to manage the enterprise. Can say, the same mass production scale of investment, financing only lithium battery than lead acid increased by more than five times. Therefore, the industry has a saying: lithium battery is completely intensive technology, research and development, capital and management, to after a long time. At present, the domestic lithium batteries used for electric two-wheelers enterprises are divided into two kinds: one kind is the anode material to batteries manufacturing, then PACK; Another kind is to buy batteries, lithium-ion batteries PACK (both at home and abroad Assembly) 。 Domestic companies to manufacture electric bicycle with the anode material to the batteries, and then assemble the battery PACK, after nearly three years of market integration, basically all the remaining 'heavy' enterprise, enterprise and PACK a large number of existence. According to introducing, the domestic production of the anode materials to the batteries, then PACK the industrial chain of production-oriented enterprises, the only account for about 20% of the lithium battery manufacturing companies, but manufacturing lithium battery production scale is above 60%. Through preliminary statistics of the observer: the current domestic manufacturing anode materials to the batteries, then PACK enterprises have: day, amd, star, constant, bick, embellish peak hin, lishen, gateway power and improve energy, weft lithium can wait. And in the pearl river delta to provide domestic lithium electric bicycle supporting more than 50% market share in some of them like a bell, kay ride, south eagle this big brands of electric cars.
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