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Zinc air battery v lead-acid storage battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Zinc air battery, 锌空气电池) With activated carbon adsorption oxygen or pure oxygen in the air as the positive active material, zinc as the anode, with ammonium chloride or caustic solution as electrolyte in a galvanic cell. Also known as zinc oxide battery. Divided into neutral and alkaline zinc air battery, two system respectively expressed with the letters A and P, followed with digital representation model of the battery. Lead and zinc as often associated minerals, and also keep on prices extremely high approximation, and thus can be described as a pair of twin brothers metal industry. Originally two metal USES differences determine the irrelevant, but recently along with the rapid development of zinc air battery, after late equals or face a final showdown. Zinc air battery, also known as zinc oxide batteries, with activated carbon adsorption oxygen or pure oxygen in the air as the positive active material, for zinc anode, with ammonium chloride or caustic solution as electrolyte in a galvanic cell. With the traditional battery, especially compared with lead-acid batteries, zinc air battery has many advantages. First of all, is the bright spot of green environmental protection, has been hailed as a environment-friendly new energy in the 21st century. Because zinc air battery with no lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy toxic heavy metals, so the less pollution to the environment, at the same time there is no explosion danger, safe and reliable. Second, the cost is low, the energy storage. Raw materials are mainly the oxygen in the air and low price of zinc, so accessible materials. And it has a capacity of 3 - higher than other batteries 10 times. Such as monomer 300 ampere hour cylindrical body zinc air battery, its weight is only 0. The weight of 75 kg, and the same lead battery is greater than 8 kg. Compared with the current mainstream lithium battery, the data shows, 180 kg weight can produce zinc air battery 44 kilowatt hours of electricity, range of 350 kilometers, and the same weight to 360 kilograms of lithium battery. At last, the charging aspect prominent superiority. Most of the energy storage battery is charging shortcomings, especially the lead-acid battery can not long depth of discharge, long charging time bring so much trouble to the customer. And some types of zinc air battery is not the battery, but electricity generation by using zinc and air directly. In simple terms, the battery after use, users only need to replace the encapsulated zinc powder, can be repeated use, replacement time can be done in 3 minutes. Zinc zinc batteries in 2011 less than 10% of the total demand, compared with 2005 has not grown much. The main reason is that zinc batteries in the industry is not the mainstream, but later as the zinc air battery industry scale, together with other zinc battery technology innovation, material of zinc in the battery industry accounted for or there will be a big increase in demand. Downstream of the lead-acid battery is the main demand of lead ingot, and in recent years, an increasing proportion of lead demand structure, around 80% in 2011. The lead-acid battery is mainly used on electric bikes in China, now 97. But 5% of the electric bicycle use lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery life is short, serious environmental pollution. Is more than 2011 due to 'lead' incidents and to more than 80% of the country's environmental regulation lead battery enterprises were shut down or in a state of production. In the next decade will be more than $100 billion in cash, to support energy saving and new energy automobile production, make China become the world's largest producer of new energy vehicles. However the current our country in the field of the development of new energy vehicles, pure electric bus power battery is basically used in the lithium battery. Belongs to the nature of the charge batteries, lithium-ion batteries assembled to 12 m class bus, every day must into professional charging station and electricity, if use high flow rate of dc charging, charging time with more than three hours at least, if use ac charging 5 - at least More than six hours. While lead-acid batteries at present is mainly used in electric bicycles, electric cars on the application of the technology is still immature. So from the technical outlook, zinc air battery late in new energy automobile market competition will have the upper hand. And as the technology matures, or suggest that zinc air battery time is open. Domestically in 2011, the first domestic zinc air electric buses officially offline, it is understood that the zinc air battery electric city bus every charge can go about 300 kilometers, a top speed of 80 km per hour, its operating costs a third lower than the traditional lithium battery electric cars. So far, or popular lithium polymer battery. Besides shenzhen battery co. , LTD. Is a professional research and development, production, sales professional company lithium polymer batteries. The production of lithium polymer battery products at home and abroad by consistent high praise! This article consists of zinc air battery, lead-acid battery, more information:
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