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Vehicle batteries demand simmering, car companies from all over the world are scrambling for lead

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
With the popularity of new energy vehicles in the worldwide promotion, vehicle power battery demand is about to usher in explosive growth. Electric cars, such as Japan, the United States, China and Korea car companies are relatively developed countries investment vehicle battery research and development, strive to become a leader in the field. Japan vehicle battery research and development production in the world leading edge. It is important to note that from the perspective of the total amount of the world within the scope of patent application, our country in the pure electric vehicle battery and its management system in the field of patent application Numbers have crowded into the ranks of the world's top three. Japan has a research report pointed out that by 2014, the size of the car battery market will rise to $24. 8 billion. In the face of such a huge business opportunities, companies are reluctant to let go. As international automobile enterprise, extending the industrial chain to vehicle power battery and power battery production enterprises, reverse and vehicle manufacturer for strategic cooperation, strengthen the vehicle battery research and development, to seek to get ahead in the field of global electric car. According to the application for a patent for vehicle batteries, according to the terms of the number of data of Japan, the United States, China and Germany, Korea and other countries are in a vehicle battery research and development in the world. Reported that Japan's current car battery research mainly focused on sodium lithium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries and battery, etc. For the Toyota prius hybrid cars of nimh battery is particularly prominent. It is reported, in Japan, and the electric vehicle and its management system related patent applications as high as 6782, of which more than Japanese application. Japan had mastered the electric cars for the most part of patent technology, has obvious advantage on a global scale. The United States is the electric car battery is second only to Japan's national related patent applications. The United States as the world's largest producer and consumer, the earlier began the electric vehicle power battery research and development. American car battery research and development mainly focus on lithium batteries, the most representative to the United States at A123, its research and development of lithium iron phosphate power battery is widely used in the global scope. At present, the domestic lithium battery related patents already account for more than 70% of power battery number of patents, and the overall application number also follow Japan ranked second. Along with our country government push for electric cars, in recent years, our country in the aspect of vehicle power battery research and development and production has been larger ascension. It is understood that in the pure electric vehicle battery and its management system in the field of patent application number from the amount of patent applications around the world have been ranked third, second only to Japan and the United States. It is understood that the study of vehicle power battery mainly focus on high power nimh batteries, lithium ion battery. With the further development of electric vehicles, who will be the vehicle batteries leader in the next few years is unpredictable. But as the world's largest electric car market in China, has a good talents and resources advantage. Thanks to the government and relevant domestic enterprises vigorously promote, at present our country automobile battery performance, safety performance and life of the comprehensive technology has the new breakthrough, is expected to be on the car battery to achieve 'corner overtaking.
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