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To give you a good horse matchs good saddle, mounts in heart

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
Electric bicycle in China's rapid development, the annual sales volume is a terrorist, according to incomplete statistics, moped industrial commission sales of electric vehicles in China: to 5, 1998. 40000, 1999 to 14. 80000, 2000, 290000 vehicles, more than 25. 8 million vehicles by 2007. More and more people choose economic, safe and convenient electric bicycle as travel tools. Electric bicycle as a new means of transport, has a huge environmental value and broad market prospect. But the core of electric bicycle accessories is the battery, the vast majority of consumers to buy the first consideration is the battery. So how to choose battery, common lithium battery voltage is 36 v, 48 v lithium-ion batteries and 60 v lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries consumers have to choose according to oneself circumstance and personal interests. Close distance, the road is flat, can choose the battery voltage is small, lightweight car body; Distance is far, the need to bring or climbing a hill, have to choose voltage is larger, the body is relatively stable. The choose and buy of the battery cell is electric vehicles' heart ', is along with the rapid development of the electric bicycle market and produce a new type of battery products. Sales of electric vehicles on the market at present lead-acid battery and lithium battery. So, lead-acid battery and lithium battery and what's the difference? A, lead-acid battery advantages: lead-acid battery for the largest number. Lead-acid batteries of the lowest price, also the most commonly used, China is the world's lead-acid battery's biggest producer. Its composition containing pollution is less, good recyclability. Weakness: the volume is small. That is to say, under the same capacity, battery weight and volume is bigger. The lead-acid battery is basically developed by floating type of battery. Floating battery don't adapt to the quick charge and large current discharge, although technical personnel has spent a lot of work to carry on the effective improvement, can enter the practical, but the life is very not ideal. Second, the lithium ion battery, Electric car lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries) Advantages: volume rather than nimh batteries, lithium-ion batteries for the same capacity of lead-acid battery, the weight of the lithium ion battery is equivalent to a laptop computer, so that the old women and children can be used. The life also can do better than nimh batteries. The current mobile phone batteries are basically use this battery. Light weight, no memory effect, strong life, safe and reliable. Weakness: the lithium battery internal resistance is relatively large, used on electric bikes will be you feel the car battery to completely discharge the power shortage. Used on electric bikes, must use series battery pack, and the complexity of the string of battery protection circuit much bigger than that of the monomer battery protection circuit, and greatly increase the cost of materials. Currently the cost of a good lithium battery protection circuit close to the cost of the battery. Another about how to prolong life of electric small heart, small make up summed up the points: first, ride electric cars, do not overload. General electric bicycle design load of 75 kg, namely single ride, overload will cause the lithium battery long time large current discharge, and damage of lithium battery pack, this is the main reason for the battery life shorten. Second, require regular maintenance batteries. Battery after a long time, such as found that the battery is low, especially when battery charging fever severely, immediately stop charging, please maintenance personnel should immediately repair, in addition, the model, is inconsistent with the old and the new battery can't series or used at the same time, different manufacturers cannot mix battery. A group in battery, should change at the same time. Third, the need to master the correct charging method. Battery temperature should be between 0 ~ 40 ℃, using of the matched charger at room temperature. To pay attention to the charging status of the charger and the normal charging time, prevent the lithium battery owe charging or charging, charging anything abnormal, should be timely consulting professionals, so as not to damage the lithium battery pack. Charge in time after use, the best charging every day, such as driving more than 20 kilometers best charging in time don't wait until thoroughly exhausted recharging. Lay up for a long time, should time to supplement electric batteries. Fourth, ride electric vehicles, in the beginning and the winding up hill, had better use manpower to help the car starting, simple electric cars at startup, uphill riding against the wind and the wind, the pedal power, should be used to alleviate the load cell, extend the life; Luxury electric cars should slow start at startup, should not turn the turn really nasty acceleration; When the downhill, it can transfer electric cars to let go. When the battery is low, should be at a relatively low speed cycling; No matter when, all electric bike should not be in the under voltage condition. Want to understand more products, please click on the/or directly contact: consulting.
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