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The transformation of lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-03
Most current lithium battery forklift with lead-acid material production is given priority to, a single forklift battery's nominal voltage is 2 v, can discharge to 1. 5 v, can charge to 2. 2 v, because of its low price, recognised by consumers in the market, but lithium battery forklift itself material properties with pollution, the increasingly serious environmental problems, a lot of lithium battery manufacturer is not standardized management, when many batteries in series, with the worst performance batteries tend to become the bottleneck of the whole power supply. In under the double pressure of high oil prices and environmental protection, traditional industrial vehicles also caused a storm 'green'. In 2012 Asia international logistics and transport system at the exhibition, a leading brand byd electric vehicle will be there with the world's first pick up the 'iron battery' brand of electric lift trucks in the strong appearance, byd 'iron battery forklift industry power system revolution', the first environmental problem solved the forklift industry, byd began as early as 2010 research and development of carrying 'iron battery' brand of electric lift trucks, after three years of technical reserves and development, has now successfully balance heavy type, tray type, forward, stacking four series of electric forklift. Byd electric forklift said guo-zhong bi, byd to enter in the field of electric lift trucks in the confidence from the 'iron battery' in the market and the outstanding performance in practical application. As secondary battery industry leader in the world, byd 'iron battery' both in technology, process and large-scale application experience is a global leader, other domestic lithium battery technology is not mature at present, because of the 'short board effect', the worst performance usually earlier than other batteries, the batteries are earlier than other battery vent, in repeated charge and discharge cycle, the gap will gradually expand, resulting in the whole battery performance degradation. If you can't guarantee lithium ion battery in the production process and sorting of consistency in the group, the service life of the battery pack will be affected by a lot of. Lithium domestic lead-acid battery production enterprises mostly labour-intensive, relatively backward productivity, waste of resources phenomenon also is more, this is mainly because on battery technology in our country, especially the power battery technology in our country has been leading international, but lags behind that of some developed countries in the equipment, especially in the field of lead acid lithium battery production is especially outstanding, reduce artificial operation, realize mechanization, automation, solve the problem of labor intensive, environment pollution and so on. Lithium battery forklift manufacturing now need to explore the transformation development way, it will be a long and difficult process, need China's battery entrepreneurs recognize and the current situation of the development of lithium battery to meet the requirements of environmental protection development.
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