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The relation of capacity and battery life

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
Battery discharge and battery life repeated charge and discharge for everyday use, the battery life will be because of the depth of the discharge, discharge affected by the temperature when the excessive discharge of battery, the internal impedance is significantly increased, so the battery temperature will rise. Discharge when the temperature is high, the temperature will increase the charging is completed, therefore, will be at the end of the discharge temperature control under 40 ℃ for the ideal. Battery capacity definition: in the case of discharge permit, battery output power ( I*t) 。 Battery capacity violation. Put telecom rate: the battery discharge current and the ratio of the capacitance. The influencing factors of battery capacity ( 我、T、y) When the temperature of the battery temperature and battery capacity decrease its capacity will also be significantly reduced by the following reasons. ( 一) Electrolyte difficult diffusion, chemical reaction rate of active material between slow down. ( B) The impedance of the electrolyte increases, the battery voltage to drop, 5 hr capacity of the battery will decrease with temperature drop battery. So: ( 1) The use of winter than the summer time is short. ( 2) Especially used in the freezer storage battery, because of the large discharge and make a day of actual use time shortened significantly. If you would like to extend the using time, or before entering the freezer in winter, should first raise its temperature. Self discharge battery when its internal pure chemical reactions occur, or electrochemical reaction caused by the article of pure substance pollution, or not for a long time consumes power, this is called self discharge. Degree of self discharge of electricity is depending on the battery structure temperature, specific gravity, impurity content, used wait and differ somewhat, generally within a day will put off 0. 5 ~ 1%, and the preservation of the battery before use during will self discharge, consumption of storage. When the battery is in a state of long-term continuous discharge, white lead sulfate, once formed, even if the recharging, also cannot recover its capacity. During the inventory must charge once every 1 month.
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