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The method of buying a car battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
As owners of old driver friends, auto battery scrap after most will have the idea of want to replace the battery, but not only pay attention to when buying batteries battery must conform to the size, but also to see whether the capacity of the battery and starting current two numerical is suitable for the requirements of auto start. Advice generally should choose two numerical values greater than or equal to the original car battery is preferred. When purchasing a car battery, the light is no good, with a special computer to see whether battery parameters of qualified, especially the battery power is enough. Inside the car battery altogether has 6, each 2 volts, a total of 12 v. Just 12 v is no problem, a voodoo not less, because as long as a bad case, the battery can't use. There is also a very important thing, is not to buy to store the batteries for too long, had better not exceed six months. Choose and use car battery method: 1, don't give the car to replace than the original battery of large capacity storage battery. Because the automobile generator capacity is fixed. Such as in the large capacity battery, can make the new battery insufficient filling electricity, the car does not start smoothly, and battery long kui electricity will be shorten. 2, start the car when the startup time should not be longer than three to five seconds, restart time interval is not less than 15 seconds. 3, see the above letters, when buying a battery that is dry lotus type battery with QA letters. 4, first will shake again to add the battery electrolyte. Please wear gloves when operating, don't spilled the electrolyte in your hands or clothes. 5, if the vehicle is not in use for a long, every day should be 25 cars started, medium speed running about 20 minutes. Otherwise, the car place time is too long, will be hard to start. 6, don't let other items added electrolyte into inside the battery. If something accidentally fall into, don't use metal material to make, used sticks out impurities; Such as wire or copper wire to scoop, metal molecules will under the corrosion of sulphuric acid into the battery self-discharge formation, damage to the battery. 7, regular check ventilation battery cover holes. If holes are blocked, a gas line not to go out, the electrolyte will expand the battery shell burst, thus reducing the life of the battery. 8, regularly check the electrolyte level, liquid level height falls in a timely manner to add electrolyte. 9, no marker of storage battery, the electrolyte is higher than plate 10 to 15 mm; There are two red line of the battery, the electrolyte must not exceed the red line. Some people think that the electrolyte, the more the greater the power, this is the wrong idea. When the car in high speed, the generator output voltage is greater than the battery voltage, began to battery charging. When charging, electrolytic fluid volume expansion, if the electrolyte is too full can overflow from the battery cover holes. Conductive, once the electrolyte flow into the battery between positive and negative poles of self-discharge will form a loop. The car won't start, and make the battery life is shortened. In the situation of using cotton silk will wipe away the electrolyte, or rinse wipe with boiled water. 10 and will be removed from the car battery, should first open the cathode to the anode, while the contrary. Must the battery cover off when charging, can not use open flame near are rechargeable battery, because of the formation of hydrogen in the battery when charging is easy to knock. Read the introduction of the above do you know the car battery capacity selection skills. Automotive batteries are mostly dry lotus type battery. Its advantage is not charging after adding electrolyte, 30 to 40 minutes later can also be started. Some owners do not understand the working principle of the Dutch battery not maintain, has greatly shorten the battery life.
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