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The law of the electric vehicle battery and features

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
Electric vehicle battery in charging maintenance also check whether there are different capacity of battery together, have this kind of combination to rectify, because different capacity of the battery in the phenomenon such as easily lead to leakage and zero voltage, charging capacity difference makes some monomer battery are washed to the maximum, some cells did not timely and full, in the process of discharge can't complete the operation at the same time, this will cause the chaos of the next charging, the battery in such a case will accelerate damage. Discharge service to grasp its regularity and characteristics of discharge, to ensure that when the power make the battery function, maintain normal use needs. Strengthen maintenance is the cause of electric vehicle battery discharge self-discharge and its harm to the life of the battery have a loss, the discharge of the battery to control within a certain range, if more than the specified value will continue to belong to discharge, discharge the battery's internal pressure will obviously rise, active substances reversibility will be damaged, therefore, the result will cause also difficult to restore the capacity of the battery in charging. On the contrary, if the discharge current is too low, the battery voltage drop speed will slow, so the discharge to the termination voltage, actually have caused the excessive discharge of battery. So if the external power supply suddenly interrupted, must try to avoid excessive discharge, shall supply power to battery charge in a timely manner and in a timely manner to ensure smooth no impact work. Electric vehicle battery maintenance and maintenance must first check whether the appearance is good, check whether the surface of the battery status have defiled; Second on a regular basis on every single battery voltage of the battery test, to see whether it is in good condition; For battery charging and discharging work regularly, maintain good and stable operation of their own performance. In addition to a work need to be done by maintenance personnel, to test out the circumstance that did not reach the depth of discharge mains power when work time of the battery can maintain the mobile base stations, so that to make corresponding plan and scheme. In general maintenance personnel of electric vehicle battery maintenance work is only on the record the total capacity battery nameplates. it, so in practice for a short time power shall be carried out in accordance with the principle of the function of the battery will not arrange personnel targeted arrangement deployment, but often in a relatively short period of time some will stop running, and most of the reason is because the battery is not play a proper role, not timely and effective power supply will lead to electric cars to stop working. More electric vehicle battery news: / shownews. asp吗? id = 658 & 风格= 52
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