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The energy provided by the sun is more than enough

by:Vglory      2020-06-24
Electricity Heating your home Heating water Heating pool The cost of different solar energy systems have come down significantly over the years, the installation has become easier and anyone in any part of the world can take advantage of this vast source of green energy. Meeting Household Demands 1. Electricity The most widespread use of Solar Power is in the generation of electricity. This technology is based upon photovoltaic (PV) panels. Even though these systems have been there for several decades, it is the major, recent developments in terms of efficiency and simplicity of installation that has contributed to their increase in popularity. These systems mainly comprise of a group of solar panels mounted on the roof or even in a wide area on the ground that receives sunlight without any shading or hindrance. The DC current generated by these panels is converted to AC using an inverter. The additional amount of electricity generated can be sold to your utility company that would issue you electricity credits. You can use these credits to get cuts in your electricity bills. 2. Lighting Photovoltaic technology has also been used in lighting systems. These Solar Power light systems were initial simple and low-cost pathway lightings that could be installed by anyone. The lights consisted of a tiny solar panel supported with a battery for storing power during the daytime. And, during nighttime the energy stored in the battery was used for lighting the bulb. Today, these solar lights have become more sophisticated and they are available in various types of exterior and interior lighting solutions. 3. Heating Water Solar hot water system is a highly popular solar energy system used in many homes. This is a passive solar heating system that places a solar collection on the roof through which water passes and gets heated. There is a network of tubes through which water passes and gets heated, and then returns back to meet your hot-water requirements. The benefits of these Solar Power heating systems are: They are highly inexpensive The system is simple for you to install It can meet the hot water requirements of an average home
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