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The electric lift trucks in the lithium battery power measurement method

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Many forklift driver should know, forklift truck itself has, according to the power but if we want to know the actual measurement data of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery should from which aspects? Because of the limitation of many times forklift battery only according to the working voltage, the ordinary method of voltage and voltage method based on the discharge time, combined with the current of electric lift trucks in the work changed. He shows that the accuracy is not high, we recommend using a use a liquid level power monitor, conductive 12 v monomer, the monomer voltage drops as for 6 v electricity meter can jump lamp, or use a specific gravity measurement method, liquid concentration is reduced to 1. 17 to stop discharging, such ability can continue forklift battery life. The news comes from
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