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The difference between the MPPT solar controller and the conventional solar controller

by:Vglory      2020-08-18
Many clients after buying our products always asks what is MPPT, what advantage, why this would be a big selling point in our products, here is MPPT solar controller and to explain the difference between a conventional solar controller. For example: traditional solar charge controller is a bit like a manual transmission, increased when the speed of the engine, if the transmission gear does not improve accordingly, is bound to affect the speed of the car. But for the traditional controller, charging parameters are set in before they leave, it's like car gear is fixed in the 1 file. So no matter how hard you step on the gas, the speed of the car is limited. MPPT solar controller is equivalent to automatic gearbox. It can adjust the gear according to engine speed, always let the car running in the most reasonable efficiency level. That is to say, the MPPT solar controller can track the maximum power point of solar panels, to perform the largest efficacy of solar panels. The higher the voltage, through the most power tracing, can output more power, so as to improve charging efficiency. In theory, the use of MPPT solar controller of solar power system will be more efficient than the traditional 50%, but according to our actual test, because of the influence of the environment and all kinds of energy loss, finally also can improve the efficiency of 20% 30%. In the long run, the MPPT solar controller, will eventually replace the traditional solar controller into the mainstream. Want to learn more about solar inverter related information reference why the solar inverter with lithium polymer batteries,
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