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The composition of forklift battery principle basis

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
Battery forklift, means as the driving force of traction battery forklift, battery is a basic core of forklift, crane, cargo with its driving, without the battery set, forklift as scrap metal, no value, then what would constitute forklift battery? In the power of the battery forklift, battery tractor use type is essentially the power lithium batteries. Power type lithium battery is also called the traction type lithium battery forklift, its working principle and basic same start metal lithium battery, and on the structure, power type lithium ion batteries positive plate generally adopts tubular plate, negative plate is grease type plate. Tubular positive plate is composed of a row of vertical aluminum antimony alloy core, coat with glass fiber forming tube; Tube core is in the lead antimony alloy on the fence, and made up of filling of the active material. Because of glass fiber protection, inside of the active material is not easy to fall off, so the tube plate relatively long service life, the power of the monomer type lithium battery by bolt fastening connection or welding type, can be composed into different capacity of battery, battery forklift and battery tractor are the type of battery to provide power supply, battery forklift composite structure is the battery itself, use is the key, the follow-up is the life of the forklift maintenance decision points.
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