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The composition of forklift battery analysis

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Forklift battery forklift battery connection classification belongs to the traction type lead acid lithium battery types, work need to bear the current of high strength, monomer battery series must be strong and conductive performance is superior, otherwise it will increase the resistance of the battery set, affect the output current, the possibility of overheating and burning, with the passage of time, the use of follow-up time, the stability of the forklift battery produce greater disadvantages, shenzhen engaged in forklift battery industry for many years, summarizes several connection classification: forklift battery, welding type: this is a traditional way of connection, operation method is to use acetylene and oxygen will connect a single lithium-ion battery connection of the welding good group. The connection between the biggest advantage is the battery connectivity is better, not easy to produce in the process of battery group using a series of problems such as poor contact or short circuit, fully ensure the use of forklift battery group effect and service life. Type 2, perfect mode of connection: the connection way is to use copper connection will be a single cell in series with the group, the benefits of the perfect type of connection is the maintenance more convenient, if it is found that the individual problems using battery, maintenance is more convenient, and its biggest advantage is to look more fashionable and beautiful, forklift battery spacing arrangement is neat, is common in places such as Europe, the domestic market also is in use. The linde forklift, hyster, eternal force, crown forklift, forklifts and other, the United States and Europe brand basically is given priority to with soft connection. Three, bolt type connection mode: this is a traditional way of connection, is article will lead connection between rubber ( It contains copper wire) Softening, connect each monomer battery forklift group; The connection mode of the biggest advantages is the maintenance more convenient, but the appearance has the first two kinds of connection mode, in the domestic market gradually replaced by the perfect type; The current domestic many tractors, storage battery, traction battery ship still is the connection, the use of forklift battery is reducing. Four, forklift battery group splice machine: forklift battery forklift and charging machine rely on splice machine finish work; This kind of plug adapter according to the size of the battery capacity can be divided into: 75 a / 80 a / 160 a / 320 a / 175 a / 350 a, domestic, most Japanese forklift lithium-ion battery pack is Anderson splice, Europe and the United States foreign brand clearly is given priority to, part of domestic brands forklift battery, of course, also in the mix. Five, the lithium battery forklift liquid plug type: A, flip; This form of liquid plug in the lithium battery market is common, advantage and fluid is simple, most of the battery manufacturers to adopt. B, the knob type; This product is newly developed in recent years product, advantage is more beautiful, have very good protection effect on battery sealing performance. There is a steam filter, can absorb moisture, make lithium battery maintenance has become more convenient. C, float type: the liquid plug is also developed products in recent years, the biggest advantage is that this product is at the bottom of a buoy, can remind the user what time can start to add water to maintain battery, battery also more beautiful appearance. Six, forklift battery clapboard type: A, PP plate, chemical name: polypropylene. English name: Polypropylene ( Hereinafter referred to as PP) , the proportion of: 0. 9 - 0. 91 g/cm3 molding shrinkage rate: 1. 0 - 2. 5% molding temperature: - 160 220 features: small density, strength stiffness, hardness, heat resistant. Sex are better than the low poly (PVC, can be used at 100 degrees. Has good performance and high frequency insulation is not affected by humidity, but time-varying crisp, wear-resisting, easy to aging at low temperature. Suitable for making general machinery parts, corrosion parts and insulation parts. Molding characteristics: 1, crystalline material, hygroscopicity, prone to melting body burst, long-term contact with the hot metal is easy to decompose. 2, good liquidity, but the scope and contraction value is big, prone to lock, dents, deformation. 3, cooling speed, gating system and cooling system should slow cooling, and pay attention to control the molding temperature, the temperature, the high pressure of low temperature easy orientation, mold temperature is lower than 50 degrees, the plastic parts is not smooth, easy to cause weld adverse, flow mark, 90 degrees or more prone to become warped deformation. 4, plastic wall thickness should be uniform, to avoid the lack of glue, sharp corners, to prevent stress concentration. Forklift battery clapboard type: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene thin lithium battery separator ( PE separator for short) 。 English name: Polyethylene, proportion: 0. 94 - 0. 96 grams/cubic centimeter, molding shrinkage rate: 1. 5 - 3. 6%, molding temperature: 140 - 220 degrees. Characteristics: corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, Especially high frequency insulation) Good, can chloride, irradiation modification, can use glass fiber reinforced, low pressure polyethylene thin melting point, rigidity, hardness and high strength, small water imbibition, has the good electrical radiation resistance. Battery plate forming performance: 1, crystalline material, moisture absorption, need not to fully dry, liquidity good liquidity is sensitive to pressure, molding 冝 with high-pressure injection, uniform temperature, filling speed, pressure maintaining sufficient, unfavorable use direct gate, in case of uneven contraction. 2, the scope and contraction value is large, clear direction, easily deformed, cooling speed is slow, mold slag hole, and the cooling system. 3, the heating time shoulds not be too long, otherwise it will decompose, burns, 4, soft plastic parts have shallow lateral recess, can be forced to take off the open mold. 5, melting body fracture may occur, unfavorable contact with organic solvent, to prevent cracking. Forklift battery plate type A, according to the polarity, can have A positive plate and negative plate. B, according to international standards, can have 15 and 19 tube, etc. C, according to the plate into and can be divided into turned to plate, referred to as 'medium plate' and not into a plate, known as 'green plate'. To sum up, forklift battery structure analysis. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=723& lid=83
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