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The capacity of the electric vehicle battery fault recovery method

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Electric vehicle battery working time based on the capacity, once the failure, affect the daily production work, we can through a variety of technologies, to restore capacity to ideal state, in order to achieve electric vehicle battery capacity coefficient, storage battery as a power unit systems, because of the monomer battery capacity is low, often can not meet the requirements of large capacity system, so you need to battery monomer series, the formation of battery in order to improve the power supply voltage and storage capacity, production process, the battery monomer itself between different monomers such as electrolyte density, electrode equivalent resistance there is difference, these differences lead to even the same series of each monomer battery charge and discharge current, also can make the capacity of each monomer to produce different, will affect the whole battery. In the worst case, in a battery, a monomer of the residual capacity is close to 100%, the residual capacity of another monomer is 0, then the battery cannot charge or discharge, completely unable to use. So for the balance of electric vehicle battery capacity, repair is very important, especially in the case of a large number of monomer battery series. Electric vehicle battery after filtration, sulfide, early capacity loss failure, as long as not accompanied by a short circuit or sheeting and extremely severe corrosion failure, the capacity of the battery can be recover. Short circuit batteries phenomenon is obvious, it will show in the process of charging the electrolyte temperature increased significantly. In ordinary lead-acid batteries, sheeting and very ear severe corrosion failure often occur in battery life eventually period, are no longer study the charge and discharge phenomenon. But for battery, the fault may be appeared in the early or middle of life, so the phenomenon of the study is necessary. If diagnosed before reverting to the failure of lead battery capacity battery failure modes, especially the severe corrosion failure, whether there is a short circuit, grids will be conducive to a targeted to repair cells, therefore we have a group because of the positive pole ear severe corrosion and fracture failure of lead-acid batteries in the process of charging and discharging phenomena were studied.
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