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The camel electric vehicle battery manufacturing process

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
Camel electric vehicle battery built-in air filter water cap effect, reduce the battery fluid loss, prolong maintenance time, reduce acid mist exhalation, improve security and take comfort, to prevent personal injury caused by the electrolyte leakage and the vehicle corrosion polyester line pipe, encryption type polyester line, reduced the small active material loss, resistance, suitable for different discharge requirements, circular tube, high strength anti swelling, prolong the service life of the battery are sheeting: · using multivariate alloy gravity casting, board gate corrosion resistance, improve sheeting, the design optimization, improve the high rate discharge performance, lead reinforcement bold design, prolong the service life of batteries battery cover: · after optimization of the battery cover, the intensity is high, USES the small cover design, beautiful appearance of negative plate: · anode formula, using the optimized battery low temperature performance, the application of special additives, battery charging accept ability raise the proportion of high regard, lead paste, prolong the service life of the battery positive plate: using high apparent density lead powder, plastic bag encapsulation, extend battery life, reduce the number of active material loss, the use of special formula, the service life of the battery to further improve clapboard: double gluten structure, reduce the diaphragm basement, corrosion of high porosity, pore size is small, the battery discharge performance
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