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The best storage conditions of the battery

by:Vglory      2020-08-29
Battery the best storage conditions depends on the active cells use of chemical substances. In the process of storage cells by self discharge and possible decomposition of chemical composition. Over time the solvent in the electrolyte can seal caused by osmosis electrolyte dry and loses its validity. In all cases, the heat is to speed up the process, it is wise of cool storage cells, benign environment to maximize their shelf life. Glove box car not qualified as a proper storage location temperature will shorten the battery life since more than 60 ° centigrade. 电池的最佳贮存条件是决定细胞的化学物质生活使用。 在单元中存储的过程中打开电力通过自我的化学成分可能的分解。 随着时间变化的融化剂的电解液可以通过渗透密封使电解液干燥和失去效用。 在所有条件下,这些过程的加速度是热点,这是明智的保存细胞是很酷的,积极的环境最大化他们的货架寿命。 手套箱没有资格的汽车是一个住宿的保存位置的温度将超过60摄氏度°大大缩短电池寿命。
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