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The benefits of internal combustion forklift lithium battery charging in time

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Internal combustion diesel forklift forklift that we say, this kind of forklift truck and auto ignition system principle, rely on lithium battery forklift as auxiliary startup, and deep circulation of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery are very different things, the start or stop after it finished with lithium batteries electricity should be timely charge before use, in order to avoid lithium battery sulfating, causing plate hardening, shorten the service life of lithium-ion batteries. In the following five cases must be recharged: electrolyte proportion fell to 1. Discharge more than 25% below 200, winter, summer discharge more than 50%; Forklift truck lights dim than usual, forklift ignition starter. Appear such problems, general charge need - 13 16 hours, magic eye green for adequate electricity standard, time is too short will affect the service life of batteries. Charging to ensure good ventilation, the scene is not allowed to open flames and flammable. When charging the electrolyte humidity more than 40 degrees, should stop charging, less electricity flow, or by physical cooling; When humidity at 45 degrees must stop charging, in order to prevent danger happening, above all, internal combustion forklift lithium battery aside or long time need not when, must be timely supplement energy, such ability will avoid when the car broke down.
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