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The battery negative plate passivation can lead to excessive battery discharge failure

by:Vglory      2020-08-28
Battery negative plate passivation high rate discharge easily cause passivation, the Pb2 + in a short time into the electrolyte, and formed PbSO4 precipitation over a period of time, so a lot of Pb2 + saturated, is enough to the small size of crystal nucleus formation, formed PbSO4 dense layer. Low temperature anode passivation, PBSO4 in O ℃ low solubility, Pb2 + speed is constant, improve the degree of supersaturation. Low temperature electrolyte deterioration degree increased, the ion migration velocity is reduced, the battery internal resistance increased. Passivation layer thickness and, PBSO4 crystal size, porosity and pore diameter structure, is essentially with PBSO4 degree of supersaturation solubility and lead electrode surface solution, particularly in large current discharge, the discharge in low temperature and high - H2SO4 concentration, will increase the cathode surface Pb2 + saturation in the solution, the passivation layer thickness increases, so couldn't put the battery and failure.
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