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Ternary lithium battery and so on four kind of battery safety

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
Nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium ( Three yuan) Theoretical specific energy of battery in the actual available, there are greatly improved, relative to the and cobalt acid lithium battery, can better give play to the role of high capacity, but look from the material, ternary batteries use lithium cobalt nickel manganese acid and organic electrolyte, temporarily not fundamentally solve the problem of security, if the battery short-circuit speak too large current generated, causing potential safety problems. Theory of lithium iron phosphate battery capacity is 170 mah/g, make material of the actual capacity of 160 mah/g. On the security, high thermal stability, lithium iron phosphate electrolytic low melt oxidation ability, and high safety; But the defect is low conductivity, the volume is too large, the electrolyte dosage, due to the large capacity, poor consistency of battery. Cobalt acid lithium batteries in the preparation of the biggest characteristic is that after a full charge, there are still a lot of lithium ions at the anode, that is, on the cathode hold more attached to the anode of lithium ion, but in the condition of overcharge, the positive to negative excess lithium ion will still be on swimming, because can't hold back on the cathode is formed on the metal lithium, because the metal lithium is dendritic crystal, thus known as dendrite, the dendrite once formed, will provide the opportunity to Pierce the diaphragm, diaphragm Pierce will form the internal short circuit. Due to the electrolyte composition are mainly carbonate, flash point and boiling point is low, in the case of higher temperature will burn even explode. Control the formation of lithium dendrite easy on small capacity lithium battery, so the cobalt acid lithium batteries currently limited to portable electronic devices such as small capacity battery, cannot be used for power battery. Manganese acid lithium battery manganese acid lithium battery is a bit of material, it can guarantee in full charge state, the anode of lithium ion can be fully embedded in the cathode carbon holes, rather like cobalt acid lithium residue in the anode to a certain extent, it is fundamentally avoids the production of dendrite, in theory, in fact, manganese acid lithium battery if a strong external force or cut corners in the process of preparation may cause the battery at the moment in the process of charging and discharging cycle lithium ions move rapidly. In the case of lithium ion cathode too late all of dendrite. To avoid the consequences from the battery factory test to ensure that. Anyhow, testing qualified manganese acid lithium battery does not generally safety accidents occur, the structure of the manganese acid lithium solid performance is far lower than the cobalt acid lithium oxide, even if the external short circuit, basic can also avoid the precipitation of metal lithium cause of combustion and explosion. Lithium-ion batteries, electric vehicles, lithium battery manufacturer, storage battery manufacturer scooter battery manufacturers, product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, by the ping an insurance company of China national group, two years warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service. Source: China cell network
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