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Principle of charging and discharging lithium battery forklift monomer

by:Vglory      2020-09-05
As is known to all, in series with a forklift on less than 2 v lithium-ion battery monomer, mixed stronger current, to achieve the driving forklift truck driving, for the purpose of monomer in the initial stage, adopting the combination of tubular plate at the beginning of charging for two phases: first, with the initial charging current into the electrolyte to emit bubbles, the single voltage rises to 2. 3 to 2. 4 v. Then reduced to 1/2 at the beginning of charging current, continue to electrolyte filling out severe bubbles, than continuous 3 h) and voltage stable. All the charging time is about 45 ~ 65 h, should be used in the process of charging the electrolyte temperature measured in current by half, stop charging or cooling method, the temperature control in 35 ~ 40 ℃, when the initial charge, if the proportion of the electrolyte illegal, application of distilled water or proportion of 1. 4 the electrolyte to adjust. Adjust the recharging after 2 h, until density conform to the rules, lithium battery forklift cannot excessive discharge, including diesel and electric fork, excessive charging or discharging effect on battery life itself, the new lithium battery charge for the first time are often short of capacity, should carry on the discharge cycle. When using a 20 hh discharge rate discharge ( With 1/20 of the rated capacity current discharge to the single voltage drop to 1. 75 v) , and then to supplement the charging current is enough, after a charge and discharge cycle if the capacity is less than 90% of the rated capacity, should for an additional charge and discharge cycle, forklift battery monomer in use in the future is not balanced state, to keep a close check, or battery life down soon. Abstract since the
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