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Portable power station by MSDS certification

by:Vglory      2020-08-18
Short for MSDS is Material Safety Data Sheet, said Chinese chemical Safety manual. Is the chemical production or sales enterprise in accordance with the legal requirements to provide customers the relevant chemical characteristics of a comprehensive legal documents. Whole series of portable power station in 2019, the latest MSDS certificate, need customer to the customer request. Whole series of portable power station built-in lithium ion battery, when exports are to be through the MSDS certification. Now the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries have generally set up and implement the MSDS system, requirements of dangerous chemicals manufacturers in the sales, transportation and export its products, at the same time provide a copy of the product safety manual. It provides chemical physical and chemical parameters, combustion performance, the harm to health, safe use, storage, leakage treatment of, first aid measures and the relevant laws and regulations and other 16 items. MSDS of writing is the measure of a company's strength, image quality and management level of an important symbol. General certification institution to provide the certificate is valid for one year, so the validity need to send the product, qualified to issue the latest MSDS certificate, full range of portable power plant has passed the certification of the latest certificates for more relevant information, please contact customer service. Want to learn more portable power plant related products category reference 'classification of portable power station
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