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Portable high-power ac/dc multi-functional outdoor mobile power supply for the military procurement

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
For outdoor emergency rescue, communication inspection, medical treatment and other fields, camping expedition, you need to use the high-power power supply, but domestic for the promotion of outdoor mobile power MinYongHua has been slow, the main reason is in the production of high power mobile power supply to the production enterprise r&d strength, production technology, high demand for after-sale services. Therefore, the domestic production of outdoor power of mobile power supply enterprises is relatively small, the price also is relatively expensive. The more famous enterprises such as dextrys, sunshine and. Received the military again recently, high-power outdoor mobile power order, custom production of 500 w outdoor portable mobile power supply 300 sets. Procurement staff, said this batch purchasing outdoor high power mobile power mainly focuses on the following points: 1. With power, compared with other brands the smallest, lightest weight, the price is reasonable, 440 wh weigh only 5. 4 kg) 2. All aluminum alloy shell, anti-throw, impact resistant, good heat dissipation. To adapt to the environment of outdoor use. 3. Choose a line manufacturers power batteries PACK, power strong, strong stability. 4. Custom development dedicated circuit board, to guarantee the smooth output, pure sine wave output, avoid output pulse products on the use of equipment damage. Outdoor portable ac/dc multi-function power of mobile power supply offer 50 hz or 110 v / 220 v / 60 hz ac output voltage and 12 v and 5 v dc voltage output, can charge the battery by 220 v alternating current (ac) or car charger, also can use solar pv batteries, good adaptability, powerful functions, supports large discharge, good cost performance, stable performance, and other excellent performance of the industry's praise. Want to learn more about the advantages of lithium battery products and services, please call our service hotline or visit the official website to know more.
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