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Panasonic, day, amd and electric lithium battery which brand is good

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
Lithium-ion battery pack for lithium battery electric vehicle is electric power system is the core part, and in the face of so many electric lithium battery brand on the market, which brand low prices, good quality, which brand good after-sale, long life? Is a large electric car manufacturers and consumers more tangled problem. Today I'll give you a brief introduction of common brand on the market at present, only supplies the reference. A friend, rely on the international brand, panasonic lithium battery should be preferred, the advantages of panasonic battery: the factory does not need to match group, batteries consistency is better. Small current can reflect the panasonic battery long life use occasion. Panasonic battery disadvantages: expensive, a set of electric lithium battery pack of the price will be higher than domestic brands nearly a third of the price, the price is not high. Secondly because the foreign brands, after-sales maintenance more troublesome. Second, domestic brands are famous preferred day. An earlier day can do batteries, lead-acid batteries, originally do see the lithium battery industry by leaps and bounds over the years, began production of lithium battery and lithium battery pack. Day has long been known as the industry leader for many years. Hong Kong main board listed companies! Day the battery: the advantages of long cycle life,. A strong sales network, can buy a lot of places, after-sales service is also very convenient. Materials atmosphere, the battery will not cut corners, bulge of much. Day to battery drawback: there is a fake the market price is quite expensive, please carefully use anti-counterfeiting patiently for identification. Third, there is amd batteries. Amd battery is with good service to open the market, is considered to be one of the industry for many years the middle child. Main board listing in Hong Kong recently, like day, amd the price of the battery pack is more expensive. Amd battery: the advantages of long cycle life. A strong sales network, can buy a lot of places, after-sales service is also very convenient. Big enough battery. Capacity is stable, low temperature performance is good too. Amd battery weakness: the price is higher, there are counterfeit products. Five, the lithium battery. Brand is the earlier was sold by the quality brand of lithium battery PACK. Product quality, price, and low temperature performance is good, life is perfect. Is currently in the lithium battery brand public praise good lithium battery manufacturers. The advantages of lithium battery: 10 years focus electric lithium battery PACK production. Whole production line adopts the intelligent automation separation equipment and welding equipment, the consistency of the battery is good, high quality, low price, long cycle life, after-sales service is convenient, is a fluid, south eagles, kay ride, Plato dozens of electric depot, such as long-term cooperation. Is one of the highest cost-effective electric lithium battery brand. Lithium battery drawback: awareness is not high, the sales network is not developed, mainly to do OEM factory, the retail market is less. If we want more information, you can visit our website or make a phone call
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