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New electric vehicle battery identification method

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
A set of 2. Five tons of new electric car battery price about 22000 yuan to 35000 yuan between, when users need to identify at the same time in the replacement of higher value products in the market for electric car battery if there is a refurbished product, avoid the existence of battery life, we after receipt of the products, need to make a few aspects of the inspection, the method and principle of ordinary car battery check, are all belong to the lead-acid battery series, battery storage and release energy as the car pool device, use the polarity has strict requirements. If it is a new battery, column mark clear, extremely easy to identify, because on the polar column is engraved with the positive ( +) Or the cathode ( - ) Mark; The positive column coated with red, and the negative pole column coated with blue. But if the battery is old, extremely column sign fuzzy, how to identify? Below the recommended eight kinds of methods for the reader to choose. Character recognition: 1, according to a column with sand paper to remove the dirt from the column, make it appear. If the two polar column marked P, N, respectively, marked P for the positive column, for the cathode of the column marked N. The positive pole column diameter is coarse, dark brown in colour; The cathode polar column is fine, color shallow, the pale grey. 2, brand recognition, face the nameplate marking on the battery shell, is located in the nameplate marks a column for the positive column of the upper left, upper right for the cathode of the column. 3, car use ammeter recognition: on the cathode by iron car, will be either a column by iron battery, and the other pole ammeter columns '- 'Answer the column ( Note: should be down silicon rectifying generator armature wiring, electronic components to prevent burn out motor and controller) Bright lights, and then, if the ammeter pointer to '- 'Direction deflection, take iron column for the cathode; If the ammeter pointer deflection '+' direction, take iron pole column is positive. 4, use multimeter to pick: battery is measured with a multimeter dc voltage file the voltage between the poles, if the normal pointer indicates that the battery voltage, is for the positive column of table great lap joint; If the clock refers to the maximum voltage motionless, the dial is table holds negative column. In addition, also can use a dc voltmeter test, if the pointer is correct, the contact with the voltmeter measuring needle '+' to the positive column, otherwise the negative column. 5, with electrolyte recognition: the battery polarity column on each connecting wire, and insert the electrolyte or salt water, make the two wire are separated by about 20 mm, if the thread around the bubble is more, the negative column, on the other side of the positive column. 6, using diode recognition: the high power diode, light bulbs and electric storage is negative in series circuit, if the light bulb, and diode connected to the anode for battery anode; If the light bulb not bright, and secondary tube connected to the anode for battery cathode. 7, use the needle to pick: in two levels of battery indirectly a light bulb, make its constitute a loop, and then put the needle in wire above, then the needle pointing towards vertical with wire. Then according to the right-hand rule to determine the current in the wire direction ( If pointer after former north south, current from left to right) To determine the positive and negative polarity of the battery. 8, potato recognition: insert the two wire connected to the battery polarity column in the same piece of potato cut, make the two lines are separated by about 10 mm, if the wire around into a green, blue is the positive column, column at the other end to the cathode. The first use of a special electric vehicle battery, use up must supplement current immediately, do not put on hold, some intelligent charging machine won't be able to identify, because the voltage is too low, need to return to factory, it will waste a lot of money, we suggest that the use of electric vehicle battery charging capacity of 1. 45/10 times the current charge; Had better use smart power frequency, put an end to the battery overcharge, in use process, attention should be paid to deionized water or distilled water added liquid, when loading the goods, pay attention to the vehicles set on under-voltage protection, discharge to 80%, stop using it. Monomer proportion shall be checked once a month, all the proportion of electricity keep 1. 27 - 1. 29 and check the proportion 1 after put the electricity. 12 - 1. 15. More electric vehicle battery brand: login/shownews, please. asp吗? id=639& 风格= 52
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