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Little knowledge of electric vehicle battery

by:Vglory      2021-05-11
Electric vehicles are loved by everyone because of their convenience and environmental protection, and there are many problems in the use of electric vehicles. The author will answer one or two for you below.  1. Is the newly purchased electric car behaved like a mobile phone and recharged after the battery is used up?   No, the vulcanization process begins after the battery is discharged. Generally, obvious vulcanization crystals appear after 12 hours. Charging in time can remove non-serious sulfidation crystals. If not charging in time, these sulfidation crystals will gradually accumulate to form coarse crystals, reducing battery capacity and shortening battery life.  2. Do you need to charge the battery before using the newly purchased electric vehicle?   No need. The current electric vehicle batteries are all made using internal chemical conversion technology, and it is best to use them before charging. 3. What kind of treatment should the battery do if the electric vehicle is left unused for a long time?    The battery must be fully charged and stored to prevent the battery from losing capacity due to long-term storage of electricity and causing the battery to drop in capacity or even be scrapped due to sulfation of the plates. The battery must be recharged once, because the battery will self-discharge during storage.  4. Can the electric bike continue to ride if the battery is insufficient during riding?   No, it should be charged in time when the first undervoltage protection occurs. Although the battery has controller under-voltage protection, it will stand still for a while, and the battery voltage will rise, and you can ride for a short time. Such use will cause the most damage to the battery and cause the battery to over-discharge, which will seriously affect the service life.  5. What is the harm to the battery when the electric vehicle battery is overcharged?    will cause the battery to lose water and increase the electrolyte, which will easily cause the charging drum to deform and terminate the battery's service life. Using inferior chargers or unmatched chargers, or charging for too long in an airtight environment, is likely to cause spontaneous combustion. Previous: Electric vehicle battery purchase skills
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