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Lithium battery vent?

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
General charging type lithium battery lid surface has six, each stamp on behalf of the 2 v single, string into a 12 v car lithium-ion batteries, there is a small hole in the lid, it is used in the exhaust, lithium-ion batteries in charging and discharging process can produce hydrogen and oxygen, especially when charging, water by electrolysis and produce large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen. Lithium battery charging hole cover is used to distribute the gas vent. Usually ignore the vent open, causing the air breather block, lithium battery when chemical reaction heat and gas can not send out, will make the lithium battery internal temperature and pressure increase, eventually led to the lithium battery explosion. So should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance dredging vent, prevent dirt jam vent. Now a lot of lithium battery using free WeiHuXing, lithium battery and two side vent and maintenance-free, everyday always check whether Confucius jams, currently under sail brand lithium battery using cover all round exhaust, this special design can prevent a single vent plug, sail lithium batteries can be used as other battery factories.
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