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Lithium battery series and parallel existence of the risk

by:Vglory      2020-09-01
Lithium battery forklift most is given priority to with series, but some European and American model, in order to get more power, you can put two or more cells in parallel. In addition to the batteries in parallel, another way is to use a larger battery. Due to the limitation of can use battery, this method does not apply to all situations. In addition, the large size of the battery doesn't suit to make the appearance of special batteries need specifications. Most of the chemical battery can be used in parallel, and lithium ion battery is the most suitable for parallel. By four parallel battery, battery voltage is 1. 2 v, and current and running time is increased to four times. Forklift battery pack examples compared with battery series, battery in parallel circuit, high impedance or 'open' battery less affected, but, parallel battery pack will reduce the load capacity, and shorten the operation time. This is like an engine start only three cylinders. Short circuit caused by the damage will be bigger, this is because, when the short circuit, the failure of the battery will quickly run out of battery power, other and cause a fire. In our life, cars, forklifts, generators, mobile devices, etc. Most of the lithium-ion battery pack or in tandem, for primary, need high power portable devices, usually together by two or more section batteries battery power supply. If use high voltage of the battery, the size of the conductor and the switch can be done is very small. Mid-priced industrial electric tools generally use voltage of 12 v to 19. 2 v battery power supply; And advanced electric tools to use voltage of 24 v to 36 v battery, in order to obtain more electricity. Automobile industry eventually the launcher ignition battery voltage from 12 v ( Is actually 14 v) Up to 36 v, even the 42 v. The battery pack is composed of 18 together lead acid batteries. In the early days of the hybrid cars, used to power battery pack, the voltage is 148 v. More new models used by the battery pack, voltage 450 v to 500 v, mostly nickel-based battery chemistry. A voltage of 480 v metal nickel hydrogen battery is nickel hydrogen battery series by 400. There are some hybrid cars also have done test with lead acid batteries. 42 v automotive battery is expensive, and compared with 12 v battery, it will produce more of the arc at switch. Using the high voltage battery pack another question, is likely to encounter a section of batteries in the battery failure. It's like a chain, in series with the battery, the more the higher the risk of the case. As long as the battery has a problem, it will reduce the voltage. In the end, a section of the 'disconnect' battery may interrupt current conveyor. To replace the batteries are 'bad' is never easy, because the old and new battery is not matching. Generally speaking, the new battery capacity than the old battery is much higher. When it comes to professional electrician knowledge level, we generally require complete safety protection, regardless of the battery in series or in parallel, when there is a certain risk, not randomly pick up, otherwise the risk is very big. The article comes from
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