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Lithium battery, portable power station tell you power socket is not a toy

by:Vglory      2020-08-16
Electricity is a kind of important energy, has an indispensable role in our life. Lithium battery, portable power station are also widely used in outdoor activities, such as camping activities. Electricity, however, was not 'obedient', if we can use it correctly, he will play a huge role, but once we use undeserved, he will become a terrible 'tiger', reflexive bite us. The vast majority of children have a very strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Many children in addition to being a 'hundred thousand whys children', or 'superman' toy, 'destroy the king', 'remove the workers'. Believe that Ken many parents have such experience. Lithium battery, portable power station becomes the indispensable source of power in modern society, many children will be curious about socket on the small black holes, curious about their structure, more curious about how they make in the outdoor lamp light, also want to touch. For the children of the behavior, scare is obviously not enough, on the one hand, some children may therefore to fear, to dare not use electrical appliances; On the other hand, some children will become closer. Here the author remind parents, these preventive measures must understand: 1, with simple words let the child understand what electricity is. 2, remind children, all of the power supply hole not to dig with the hand, also don't use easy conductive objects to temptation. Conductive objects including iron, copper and other metal products. 3, try to place your lithium battery, portable power station in out of the reach of children to see. 4, tell a child, when hand wet don't touch the power plug and electric. Lithium battery series products are portable power station set up protective measures, the masses of users can be at ease use. More lithium battery, portable power station related parameters refer to the lithium battery, portable power station joining good investment projects'
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