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Lithium battery lead powder production process

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
Through to the ball mill or barton powder equipment main monitoring control cabinet, make the process conditions of lithium battery lead powder production control: lead oxide oxidation degree of control; Depending on the density of lead oxide control; The detection of lead powder particle size. The above process parameters have to be tested each work class online. Who will recommend the most suitable parameters are as follows. The particle size (1) 5 - 10um 。 (2) the degree of oxidation barton powder 70% 80%; Ball mill powder 60% 70%. (3) 10 - water quantity 12 ml H2/100 g lead powder. 12 - (4) acid absorption values 16 gh2so4 lead powder / 100 g. (5) depending on the density of 1. 4 - 1. 8g/cm3。 Lithium battery lead powder manufacturing process strictly prevent mixed with impurities, to have qualified ( Uniformity) The battery performance. In addition to liquid phase reaction in the electrolyte, so oxide particle size, shape, affect its reaction rate and the electrolyte.
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