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Lithium battery indicator of what effect is there?

by:Vglory      2020-08-20
Lithium battery indicator is also called the magic eye, a lot of time to launch the lithium batteries are maintenance-free, cannot judge the state of the battery, we can observe by indicator, understand the basic situation of lithium-ion batteries, but lithium battery forklift need to know this information must be configured electro-hydraulic, voltage display, like electric eye, otherwise can observe through test density, are in same lead acid lithium battery, but magic eye shape different from device, lithium battery indicator is used to observe the state of lithium-ion batteries, under normal circumstances observation hole blue indicate lithium battery in good condition; Observation hole black indicate the battery needs charging; Observation hole white indicate the battery need to be replaced. As a result of the indicator with lithium battery is not quite close together, plus shell and thermal expansion of the indicator. Often have acid mist through the indicator with lithium battery before assembly clearance and spread out to form a kind of white crystals, thus easy to cause the indicator malfunction, wrong result.
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