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Lithium battery H2O/PbO than lead paste the effect of apparent density

by:Vglory      2020-08-27
Lithium battery and paste ( Stir) In the early, the amount of water to add ( 3. 5 l/lOOkg lead powder) Does not affect the apparent density of lead paste. At this time only lead powder particle surface is full of water absorption, and lead dust away the air inside the hole. Before water into the hole, Water instead of air. ) , the lithium battery lead paste apparent density then began to increase, until all the hole is filled with water, and then lead paste apparent density drop again. Water added to the 12 l/l00kg lead powder, lead paste fill plate gate is suitable for coating. If further continue to add water, the lead paste density steep fall sharply, the lead creams besmear fill plate grid distribution is very good ( Too thin) , if continue to add water, lead paste into suspension system ( A similar 'rice water') There is a 'water', then lead to cream, cannot be used to besmear fill sheeting. Lithium batteries depending on the density of lead oxide and lead paste there is no direct relationship between apparent density, depending on the density of lead oxide essentially decided to lead the lower limit of the green water, Or 'water margin') And thus determines the lead green depending on the density of the upper limit. Under the condition of the same fluid volume, high apparent density lead powder with low apparent density lead powder can be the same depending on the density of lead paste, but its consistency was significantly different. Depending on the low density of lead oxide can be very hard lead paste. Low apparent density of lead is unfavorable for the anode, probably in higher porosity, lead to active material softening during a battery life, easy to fall off. Lead paste in apparent density change and green machine is just start of the plate production process, the subsequent experience even coated plate, drying, solidifying, into, the lithium battery lead paste will change depending on the density. The apparent density of lead paste used does not mean that the plate is the density of active material. Lead paste apparent density as a characterization of lead paste hole only, it does not mean permeability, if a piece of plate has high porosity, but the hole is closed pore and mutually connected, then the active material permeability is very poor, basically can affect the penetration of the electrolyte. Permeability are better plate hole and connected. This more in the inside of the plate full use of the active substances due to permeability, so the hole is a foundation, more permeability is more important.
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