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'Lithium battery forklift' up. the active substances

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Active material performance, good or bad, will determine the forklift lithium battery energy storage power, good habits, is also a prerequisite for the subsequent use of the battery, because the forklift battery plate of the active material loss, is caused by some incorrect use method, as long as to overcome the wrong method of use, active material loss caused by the early damage lithium-ion batteries have been completely avoided. Reduce the plate active material in the lithium battery in the use of unusual sexual off the main measures are: must adjust generator voltage regulator limit according to the technical standard. Charging current shoulds not be too big, constant current charging time shoulds not be too long, as long as the stable voltage rises. Temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, decrease gas evolution, prevent the active substance was shock. If the voltage is too high, the limit under the condition of deficient electric lithium-ion batteries, will make the charging current is too large, and excessive charging and accelerate active material loss. But discharge, lead sulfate in case a large number of generation, bloated, lose binding force of active material. Lithium battery in use, want to consider to have a certain power, don't discharge excess. The winter too much, don't make the lithium battery discharge electricity situation, will make the charging current is too large and overcharge and accelerate active material loss. Excessive battery discharge, the discharge degree more than 25%, should be timely charging to prevent freezing. The electrolyte density shoulds not be too low. Chill is seasonal, density is lower than 1. 5 g/cm3 freezes easily, cause the active material to ice crystals burst. The electrolyte density should not be more than 1. 3 g/cm3。 High density, increase active material corrosion, mud loss. Charge, however, to prevent excessive oxidation of active material, osteoporosis, lose binding force. In a charger to constant current charging of lithium battery, the second phase of the charging current should be controlled within 1/20 of the lithium battery rated capacity. If there is no vulcanization signs, lithium battery charging not to continue after the end of 'imitation' overly, otherwise will accelerate active material loss. Charging temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, more than 5 ℃, o positive plate grid corrosion, soften falls off easily lead dioxide. At the beginning of the new lithium battery charging to be cooling. Lithium battery in the car must be reliable fixation, disassembling lithium battery connection don't mess with tools to knock. Lithium battery is installed on the forklift, want to have a cushion, in case of excessive vibration compound active material loss. Prevent the lithium inside the battery into a base class or alcohols, otherwise, will cause the poles active material loss. Forbidden large current discharge, use the starter shall not exceed 5 s at a time, for the second time should start intermittent more than 15 s, don't start continuously; Don't use the machine in a row, especially the winter is cold, must get everything ready in advance to ensure continuous strong lithium battery discharge, don't avoid plate arch. Charging current is too large, long time no, discharge current mostly will determine the lithium battery forklift active substances adhered and sex. Good control of these two aspects, the service life of more than 3 years is not a problem. Pay more attention to the news:
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