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Lithium battery forklift repair and maintenance strategy

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
Battery is the power source of the forklift, the use of good or bad will directly affect the performance of battery forklift, in the process of daily use, should be in strict accordance with the specification to do a good job of daily inspection and maintenance of lithium battery, and according to the lithium battery maintenance regulations. The traction lithium battery forklift is mainly divided into British standard BS158 wide series, Germany standard DIN198 wide series, are made of tubular plate research, early to put three filling, make full battery group adopt hundred chemical reactions, is widely used in domestic imports series electric forklift. Generally forklift batteries made by 2 v voltage of single battery series and 36 v / 24 v / 48 v / 72 v / 80 v, referred to as a lithium-ion battery pack. Within the same single cell battery, negative plate is more than the positive plate. When the assembly is positive and negative plate cross penetration. So that each piece is both sides of the plate in the chemical reaction to produce the same amount of products, reduce the negative plate deformation, the curved arch, at the same time also can increase the capacity. Battery separator is separated between the positive and negative plates to prevent short-circuit the positive and negative plate insulation, it has many holes, can make the electrolyte unimpeded. Too thick will damage plate electrode and electrolyte isolation plate, and prompt plate sulphation. Too thin, will make the battery electrolyte resistance increases, the voltage drops rapidly. Lithium battery electric potential associated with the temperature of the electrolyte. Lithium battery in the process of running, water is forbidden, because if the water level is lower than the plate, it's easy to burn out plate, shorting forklift battery group cannot work normally. Even if add distilled water in the late, its monomer proportion also uneven, have signs of sulfide, battery capacity reduces, use a shorter time. Serious can cause the whole forklift battery scrap. Must pay attention to, under the condition of normal use lithium battery can't discharge excessive, the driving motor and oil pump motor can not be working at the same time, otherwise will be mixed with active substances in the tiny sulfuric acid formed a larger crystal, increases the resistance of the plate, is difficult to make it restore when charging, obstruction of the charging process. Forklift driver should always pay attention to whether the charger charging current is too large, the use of the vehicle or the existence of excessive discharge, if the cargo per 1 ton at ordinary times, motor output current is 70 a, the current output to 120 a, may motor carbon brush has been useless, increase the output resistance, increase the forklift truck loading current. Time will shorten.
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