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Lithium battery forklift rated capacity of the standard for how much?

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Forklift lithium battery capacity generally by discharge test, based on 5 hours discharge, with capacity is divided by 5 hours discharge current, gb reach more than 5 hours for qualified products, belong to the continuous discharge, discharge, of course, the longer the time, under the condition of constant maintain volume, the higher the capacity of the lithium battery forklift, the longer the work time, lithium battery if after 3 times to check discharge, capacity is less than 80% rated capacity, the group can be thought of lithium-ion batteries use fixed number of year to or for the defective product, the early industrial equipment lithium battery widely used high failure rate, small output current, voltage and current is not stable silicon controlled the whole equipment, the maintenance period is long. Connection mode of a set or two sets of charger with a set of lithium battery, single busbar operation, safety risk is bigger, forklift the rated capacity of lithium-ion batteries is a basic value, the different working condition of forklifts loss of old and new, suggested by discharge tester tests shall prevail.
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