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Lithium battery forklift in traction rail car use

by:Vglory      2020-08-20
Lithium battery forklift you first think of is to be used on the electric forklift battery, actually otherwise, forklift trucks are widely used in lithium batteries, as strong traction battery, a lot of time in the tractor to obtain the very good application, rail vehicles, explosion-proof, electric buses, electric buses are available, of course, is still given priority to with electric widely, but in the number of rail car and a lot of, everybody everyday sit subway might be part of the power system, is to rely on lithium battery forklift driving, in the subway project, usually demand of each train is two sets of the same lithium-ion battery pack, and each lithium-ion battery pack is the key factor in the selection of monomer quantity and capacity. Lithium battery voltage is always composed of N units lithium battery series, this paper defines each unit of lithium battery as a monomer, it can be single or multiple parallel lithium-ion batteries of lithium battery. The views which are frequently used currently, lithium-ion battery pack is the number of monomer according to lithium battery pack minimum discharge voltage ( Umin said) Terminate discharge voltage and monomer ( Expressed in Ef) To determine the monomer amount = Umin/Ef, monomer of termination and discharge voltage in 1 v. Umin is after considering line drop, will the minimum working voltage of the dc traction power system equivalent minimum discharge voltage value for lithium-ion battery pack. For example, a project requires line pressure drop is 7 v dc system, dc power supply system is the minimum voltage of 77 v, the lithium-ion battery pack minimum discharge voltage is 84 v. Because at low temperature, however, need to have temperature compensation for lithium battery, to ensure the charging of lithium battery, the optimal performance, therefore, in accordance with the selected lithium battery monomer amount, this method at low temperature, the dc output voltage value may be below the lithium battery charging voltage, so the voltage in the dc system can't meet the requirements, and only with the highest voltage dc system for lithium battery charging, for lithium battery, need to achieve the same capacity for longer periods of time. Considering the temperature compensation of lithium-ion batteries charging voltage requirements, the lithium battery to select the number of monomer and maximum charging voltage (dc system Expressed in Umax) The highest charging voltage and monomer ( 嗯) About that lithium battery monomer quantity = Umax/Eh. Is obtained by the calculation of the number of monomer, can ensure that the voltage range of the system and lithium battery charging voltage matching. Select monomer amount, then according to the lithium battery pack minimum discharge voltage ( Umin) Terminate discharge voltage (get monomer Expressed in Ef) That Ef = Umin/( Monomer quantity) Monomer, but need to pay attention to, to get the minimum discharge voltage should not be too high, otherwise the utilization of lithium-ion batteries is low; Shenzhen power co. , LTD. Is engaged in the lithium battery forklift company sales for many years, know well all kinds of battery, especially lithium battery forklift brand at home and abroad, performance, parameters, quality is clear, can timely recommend the battery of higher cost performance to the user. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=697& lid=83
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