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Lithium battery forklift driving

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Lithium battery forklift drive traction on the lead-acid battery vehicles, widely used various handling tools, energy conservation, environmental protection, is one of the enterprises attained renown, the warehouse forklift truck is mainly designed for cargo handling in warehouse forklift. In addition to a few warehouse forklift ( Such as manual pallet forklift) Is driven by human, the other is based on the motor driven, because of its compact body, mobile and flexible, light weight and good environmental performance and is widely used in warehousing. In class the homework more, motor driver warehouse forklift need to have any spare batteries; In terms of driving, must use professional forklift driver, maintenance is also targeted, lithium battery is the core power battery forklifts, forklift maintain good driving habits and the way of maintenance, can avoid multiple accidents a year and cost constraints, there are 39 points is the driver noteworthy items: 1, should observe the forklift before starting around, ( Air pressure or braking of vehicles, braking barometer readings must be specified value shall be started) After confirmed safe started honking. 2, check the vehicle registration and driver's license before driving traffic to all kinds of certificates, lack of certificate, driving without a license and certificate, is strictly prohibited. 3 and forklift driver on the road in factory must strictly abide by the traffic safety management in the factory standard 'and' regulations for safety production. 4, according to the regulations, standards, check the various parts of the vehicle technology project status, make the forklift is in good condition. 5, when the car is driven factory interpolation shall not pallet fork rises too high. In and out of the job scene or driving, pay attention to blow over the presence of obstacles. Ban on the brakes and a sharp turn. 6, in the factory the forklift driving fork bottom should be kept from ground height 300 ~ 400 mm, the door frame must be backward. 7 and driving forklift truck cargo in factory for more than 7 ° and with higher than the speed of a downhill, not special circumstances shall not use the foot brake. 8, items in loading and unloading process, must use the brake fork lift truck. If using cranes, loading and unloading workpieces must leave the cab driver. 9, in the factory the forklift truck parking ban after hanging in the air, the goods after unloading should be reduced after lifting. 10 and forklift work in factory, the ups and downs must be smooth, with rope, rope chain if necessary. Must be in strict accordance with the default of the numerical fork goods stipulated in the load curve, it is forbidden to overload. 11, forklift at runtime, not anyone out, fork it is forbidden to stand on the leg. 12 and fork fork load in factory goods, goods weight should be split equally on the two goods forks, goods shall not be skewed, the item side should be put on shelves. Small goods should be in the set of locker ( Board) Inside, to prevent falling. Car contained items shall not keep out the driver line of sight. 13, and the construction site in the factory, no more than 10 kilometers per hour, access gate, workshop, warehouse, construction site, no more than 3 kilometers per hour. Observed when forklift driving to prevent bump, injure a person. 14 and driving forklift truck crane lifting or in factory, it is forbidden for any personnel stood on the pallet fork holding objects or balancing role. Fork lift fork things, in ban someone nearby. 15, goods fork at close to or withdrawal, the speed should be slow, even, note that the wheels don't crush objects, stow-wood ( Pallet) And fork not bruised materials to support personnel. 16, it is forbidden to use the goods fork fittings such as lifting personnel engaging in the operations in which high, electric forklifts, prohibited from single or with a pallet fork fork homework, pull, prohibit using inertia brake humping round or roll goods, banned goods fork pick pallets method of discharge. It is prohibited to high-speed fork take goods. 17, car factory interpolation in pallet fork lift, and the lifting frame should pour before, shall not make derrick forward. 18 in plant, factory, workshop and the construction site within the parking vehicles, drivers are not allowed to be away from the car, if you need a temporary leave, must unplug the key, the switch down. 19, forklift truck stop halfway to the engine idle speed running, should make the door after. When the engine flameout when parking, lifting carriage should be dropped, make the goods fork level on the ground. Are not allowed to be directly on the Banks of wharf fork on the items and shipment are not allowed to be on the edge of the train car directly fork. News came from:
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