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Lithium battery forklift bottleneck breakthrough?

by:Vglory      2020-09-03
Forklift lithium battery service life is the bottleneck, over the years has been unable to break through, is the market with cheap price, but as a developing country, should be more environmental protection material as a guide, the introduction of the development of new energy technology, alternative lead-acid battery forklift, in the new energy forklift heavy need take up overall quality and volume is larger, the course of one time charge can travel short, short service life, and later use cost is high. In addition, the lead-acid battery charging time long, lead is a heavy metal, there is pollution, and run counter to the concept of new energy power forklift, forklift lithium battery cycles is around 800 - 1500 times, regardless of current new energy forklift, domestic forklift lithium battery with imported or joint venture of lithium battery forklift, there exist great differences in life span, although the domestic lithium battery have the advantage in price, but the development is the hard truth, unable to break through the bottleneck, life and maintenance cost is higher, the subsequent need to break through other channels.
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