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Lithium battery forklift and forklift traffic considerations of choose and buy?

by:Vglory      2020-09-06
Lithium battery with electric forklift forklift factory, in factory in optional high standard or with different capacity of lead acid lithium battery pack, can according to your own work, the fork cargo weight, number of cycle life can choose, rely on forklift battery brand for enterprise to provide the reference, different battery brand at home and abroad. When buying a forklift need to pay attention to the following: 1. The vehicle height, this is to match the trailer, so want to advance a measurement. 2. Maximum walking speed, some users due to the distance to work, working strength is big, so want to consider this factor 3. Rated traction, the maximum traction vehicle, the greater the acceleration, the greater the For electric pallet car, had higher working efficiency. 4. Braking system can ensure the safety of vehicles on the slope can also stop, improves security reduced the loss, make the vehicle has a longer service life. 5. Manufacturers and after-sale must choose normal manufacturer's products, all products and accessories must be assured, in addition to the normal warranty time is one year products, product after-sales problems during this period, manufacturer will be responsible for, so after the product we have to focus on a piece of choose and buy products. 6. Load rating, this is the need to pull in the operation of widgets or trailer general capacity, general strength of the rated load - from 500 6000 kg, the user, before the choose and buy. To their own working truck has a detailed understanding can't go ahead with purchasing. 7. Operation type, Rio has vehicle type electric pallet truck, standing electric pallet truck driving type, electronic power station driving type electric pallet truck, electric material tray, electric traction top many types. Need to choose according to the operating characteristics of the user, as long as work time, load demand is big customer, you should choose the vehicle type electric pallet truck. Operation, short time and load weight is lighter, choose stand driving or walking type electric pallet truck.
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