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Linde forklift battery iron box leaking?

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
Linde forklift general with iron box dimensions determine capacity lithium-ion batteries, linde lithium battery installation standards are subject to the iron box, the original linde forklift lithium battery is fully sealed at the bottom of the box, electrolyte leakage, can avoid polluting vehicles and sulfate floor, both sides have corresponding pipe can put the spilled water extraction, general customers in the custom linde forklift lithium battery can ask the factory don't iron in the bottom of hole. Another case is linde lithium battery monomer liquid leakage, sometimes slightly ooze water, forklift driver cannot feel that reaches a certain time, the iron box surrounding severe corrosion, so only to find that, in addition to the corrosion risk, there is a risk of thermal runaway, such as battery leakage, will lead to less inside the battery acid, charge and discharge the internal resistance is big, to produce more quantity of heat, heat will make float charging flow increases, increase battery can make the temperature increase, resulting in thermal runaway, eventually lead to the battery failure, serious and even cause fire. Cause there are several possibilities, linde forklift lithium battery monomer perforation welding battery shell and blocked shots, welding is not strong, do not seal, missing welding, welding, welding cracks, cracks and other issues; Blocks of the anode riveting is not tight, clearance, and the elasticity of the insulation gasket is not appropriate, not resistant to corrosion and aging. Battery in normal use process often knock against, aluminum-plastic film damage, plus the battery internal strength is not enough; Charging abnormal way to overcharge, or large current discharge, so we recommend the use of time, must strictly abide by the linde forklift lithium battery specifications, compliance operations, before continuing.
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