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Lead acid lithium battery characteristics analysis

by:Vglory      2020-08-27
100% after discharge, lithium-ion batteries in charging process of charging current in the front ( 1? 7h) Constant, the voltage of the battery is rising, to 2. 25 v/single ( 25℃) After the voltage constant. In charging time within 10 h 7 a charging current exponential decline, quickly fell to milliamperes, 10? Within 20 h current attenuation slow, until a few hours before the end of charging, current no longer change. Battery power to write before im 70 ~ 80, due to the constant charging current, a process that the battery voltage has soared, the positive voltage and negative potential of the battery when charging, the electric potential certainly includes equilibrium electrode potential, also contains the concentration polarization and chemical produced by the polarization potential; Equilibrium electrode potential for constant current charging process with the electrode surface active material in the holes of the electrolyte concentration increases, and make the E + E - rise and More negative. Time and the effect of concentration polarization, continue to maintain a positive increase with V more negative trend. Until the charger from the steady flow way work shift work for voltage regulation, voltage of the battery to be restricted in the set values. When the battery voltage rises to a constant pressure near the set point, as the charging process have been JinZhongQi, is on the plate lead sulfate has been one of the few, the exchange current density increased by reaction area is smaller, so the electrochemical polarization effect has been smaller, when the battery internal resistance is smaller. But charging actual surface is smaller, so cause real current density, electrode at the same time the electrode surface and the surrounding the electrolyte concentration increased, concentration polarization becomes serious, resulting in current in the battery, Charge current) Decreasing rapidly. In the late charge battery current ( Charging current) Obvious attenuation, electrolyte concentration polarization in the smaller, but increase electrochemical polarization effect, so the battery current ( Charging current) Continue to become smaller, just attenuation speed became slow. At the end of charging, only float charging flow ( Charging current) In maintaining the battery internal need oxygen cycle, only a very small current in sustaining the recovery of active substance, so the battery current ( Charging current) The same. If the current limiting constant voltage charging method, improve the voltage value, the charging process, the charging current change will increase, the charging end soon. Different charging voltage of the battery, low voltage set value ( Such as 2. 2 v/single) , the battery internal pressure increase slowly, if charging voltage value is high, 2. 4 v or 2. SV/single) When the battery internal pressure are increased, the pressure mainly comes from hydrogen, once the volume increases can cause oxygen circulation failure, so during the process of avoid by all means use maintenance under the high voltage charging for a long time.
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