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Lead-acid battery is lithium battery replacement?

by:Vglory      2020-09-23
Lead-acid battery were invented to now, several decades of development, has been a very mature battery products. But because of the limitations of its own and material defects, lead-acid battery is eliminated by the market sooner or later. Take a look at the reason below. 1, from raw material analysis of the positive and negative plates lead-acid battery is composed of sheeting and active substances. The positive active material ingredient for lead dioxide, the cathode active material ingredient for cavernous lead. Baffle plate is made of PVC, PE plastic, microcellular rubber and glass fiber, etc, the main function: prevent the positive and negative plate short circuit; The electrolyte is negative ions pass; Resistance slow shedding of positive and negative plates active substances, prevent the positive and negative plate damage due to vibration. Electrolyte: car battery USES the electrolyte density is 1. 280? 。 01g/cm3( 25℃) Dilute sulphuric acid. : the effect of electrolyte in the electrochemical reaction of the positive and negative plate; The conduction current. Battery shell ( Battery jar and cover) Is made from PP material such as plastic, rubber, cheng fang is positive and negative plate and containers of electrolyte, etc. Other: besides the main components, battery and connection, terminal, a column, electric parts, etc. Emissions even when battery scrap waste sulfuric acid, containing sulfuric acid, lead sulfate, etc. Solid wastes contain lead, lead dioxide, sulfuric acid lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc. Sulfur dioxide pollution threatens human's health, sulfuric acid is a battery in the electrolyte, the full release sulfur dioxide discharge. Sulfur dioxide combined with water vapor and acid fog condensed or acid rain. Acid rain hidden hazards on human society are much larger than the dominant hazard, this shows the dangers of sulfur acid battery is quite large. And when the concentration of sulfur dioxide is 260 mu g/m3, coniferous trees can die within a few hours. Acid rain on soil devastating, it can destroy the soil calcium and other metal and form a soluble salt and into the rivers and lakes. Concentration of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere is proportional to the incidence of respiratory system basic, once the sulfur dioxide oxidation into acid mist, its toxicity is 10 times greater than the sulfur dioxide. The world health organization (who), a senior officials believe that the biggest threat to children's lead in the environment. Children's blood lead levels more than 100 mu g/L, is likely to cause harm to children. Lead to poisoning, brain damage inhibition function, some violence in society, may be associated with lead pollution. Medical research has shown that mild lead pollution can make the brain damage in children, reduce intellectual and nervous system dysplasia, severe lead poisoning can lead to coma, convulsions and death. The balance of cadmium pollution threat to human survival, cadmium toxicity of compound is very big, cadmium lead-acid storage battery is the main raw material. Plants can absorb cadmium concentration in the soil, especially for rice, wheat absorption significantly, so that agricultural products of cadmium content is higher. There are chemicals in the human body, such as cadmium m after a long time can cause chronic cadmium poisoning. Cadmium is mainly caused by a harm to human body cause anemia, hypertension, renal damage, neuralgia, and endocrine disorders. Cadmium has selectively toxic to the reproductive cells, still can make the growth of bone metabolism, resulting in osteoporosis, contraction and deformation, etc. If produce toyama in Japan county in the field of kanagawa 'pain pain disease'. Arsenic compounds are highly toxic, the production of the main raw material for battery of arsenic and antimony in lead, arsenic compounds through the mouth into the stomach often lead to poisoning, respiratory inhalation can cause local mucosa stimulation or systemic poisoning symptoms, is toxic to the skin. Inhalation of hydrogen arsenide steam, jaundice, cirrhosis, liver and spleen enlargement, etc. Skin contact dermatitis, eczema, wet can occur furunculosis, serious ulcers can occur. 长期吸入少量的砷,会在人体内积累而引起慢性中毒是致癌的因素之一。 Sulfuric acid waste liquid in sewage, soil within the battery will be seriously polluted rivers and lakes and oceans, but also pollute the air, farmland and water, containing high concentration of heavy metal pollution of surface soil easily under the action of wind and water, respectively, into the atmosphere and water body, atmosphere, surface water and ground water pollution, solid waste pollution to the ecological environment threaten the survival of mankind, therefore the harm of lead acid battery is very, very big. 2, 1 from the lead-acid battery electrochemistry performance analysis. Circulation service life of the lithium battery, 1200 ~ 2000 lead-acid battery 500 ~ 900) 2. More than 150 w - energy lithium batteries 40 w h/kg lead-acid battery. h /公斤) 3. Lithium battery charging time 2 ~ 4 h lead-acid battery fast charge 3 ~ 6 h, fast charging technology has yet to mature, slow filling in more than 8 h 4. Energy efficiency of charging and discharging lithium ion battery charging and discharging power conversion efficiency can be greater than 97%; Lead acid battery charge and discharge electricity energy conversion efficiency is about 80%; 5. Prices are lithium battery, 24 v / 10 ah price in 750 ~ 1200 yuan; 24 v / 12 ah battery is, the price is in 200 ~ 300 yuan; 6. Volume under the same weight, the volume of lithium ion battery is two-thirds the size of lead-acid battery; 7. Lithium battery light weight only 1/3 ~ 1/4 lead-acid battery; Lead-acid battery weight. 8. Both lithium battery production and use of pollution-free, there are a lot of lead in lead-acid battery, if mishandled, after waste will produce pollution to the environment. 9. Charging and maintenance ( Lithium battery is complex, high maintenance cost; Lead-acid battery is simple, low maintenance costs) 10. Power supply ( Provide the small power supply, open series more - — To provide a large open circuit power supply) Basic contrast with the above two aspects, the future possibility of lead-acid battery is replaced by lithium battery will be very high.
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