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Hyster forklift lithium battery capacity testing

by:Vglory      2020-08-19
Hyster forklift lithium battery capacity decision the use time of forklifts, a new set of battery can be normal work 8 hours/day, due to various factors, resulting in a decline in battery capacity, we need to find out why, and solve the phenomenon, hyster forklift set up European headquarters in the UK, and in the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Australia have established a forklift production plant. Late 50 s, hyster introduced Monotrol pedal, the forklift forward and backward acceleration focused on a pedal, this technique is one of the most advanced technology, and in the forklift truck industry in use today. With the continuous development of global business, up to now, Hester has 14 production plants in the whole world, the global forklift truck market share reached 12%. Because we can see the forklift lithium battery is different from other kinds of lead-acid battery, the battery of the traction work as the goal, demanding, in the process of manufacture, the purchasing of raw materials is a key to lead the purity is not high, disorderly change technology formula, the source of water is a problem, we can are emphatically analyzed from the following points: forklift lithium battery plate corrosion: use of float charging of lithium battery, board gate corrosion is one of the important factors, limited battery life under the battery charging status, the cathode produce water, reduces the acidity, and the anode reaction H +, accelerated the corrosion of positive plate grid. Water loss, due to the recombination reaction incomplete and board gate corrosion cause the loss of water, every time when charging, because produce gas rate is greater than the gas recombination rate, lead to part of the gas evolution, resulting in loss of water. The positive grid corrosion is one of the factors of water damage. Dendritic crystal formation: when the battery is in discharge condition, or long-term place, in order to discharge this case, the negative pH value increases, soluble lead particles generated on the electrode plate, promoting the membrane formation tabular crystal shorting interelectrode disable lithium batteries. Negative plate sulphates: due to the combined reaction, regardless of the lithium battery in charging or discharging state, negative plate lead sulfate always exist, make the cathode in the fully charged state for a long time, formed the irreversible lead sulfate, reduce battery capacity, battery failure. Thermal runaway: in the process of charging, the battery inside the recombination reaction will produce large amounts of heat energy, because the seal structure of lithium-ion batteries that heat is not easy to spread out, and the surrounding environment temperature, lead to the increase of floating charge current, thus makes float charging pressure, so that the lithium battery failure temperature was too high. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD focus on hyster forklift research and production of lithium-ion batteries, engaged in the battery industry for more than 15 years, is the more professional battery suppliers in south China. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=681& lid=83
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