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How to repair electric car battery?

by:Vglory      2021-04-07
Method 1: Repair the battery with an electric vehicle battery charger. The voltage and current charged by the electric vehicle charger match the model and specifications of the electric vehicle battery. Therefore, it is not possible to repair the battery pack with a car charger, and you need to use an electric car charger with a higher power. Example: 1. The specification of the electric vehicle battery pack is 48v20AH, and it can be repaired with a 60V20AH battery charger; 2. The 48v12AH battery pack can be repaired with a 48v20AH battery charger. Repair principle: The main reason for the deterioration of battery performance is that the battery is vulcanized. The after-sales maintenance of the battery by the battery manufacturer, all kinds of battery repair instruments and repairers on the market use high-power charging equipment, which uses high current and high voltage to remove vulcanization and repair. battery. Therefore, the ordinary charger with the power of one size has the function of desulfurization and repair to charge the battery. Operation steps: 1. Borrow (find) an electric vehicle charger that is one size larger than the electric vehicle battery to be repaired. 2. Charge the electric vehicle to be repaired for 4-6 hours with a charger with the largest power. 3. After charging, the battery capacity will be restored to more than 90% after standing for a few hours. 3 Method 2: Repair the battery with hot water from dry cleaners. The majority of electric vehicle users are aware that the electric vehicle is not far away, and distilled water should be added to maintain and repair the battery. However, the pure water and various supplementary fluids and repair fluids sold on the market have short-term uses for the battery, and then accelerate the degradation of the battery's performance and discard it in advance. Because these liquids contain metal ions and impurities that will corrode the battery plates, cause the battery to self-discharge and the active material to fall off, and cause the battery to be permanently scrapped. Battery loss is the initial reason for the failure of lead-acid batteries. Electric vehicles that use three-stage chargers for about 6 months will experience battery loss. The water in the electrolyte that is lost during battery use is not sulfuric acid, and the addition of a replenisher (dilute sulfuric acid solution) increases the specific gravity of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. Although it has the purpose of temporarily increasing the battery capacity, it will then accelerate the vulcanization of the battery and discard it. Therefore, only pure distilled water can be added to the electric vehicle battery rehydration, and other liquids must not be added. To repair the battery of an electric vehicle with a charger, charge it in a well-ventilated outdoor. When charging, the battery will heat up. If the surface temperature of the battery reaches 70 degrees or more, stop charging if it feels very hot, and use the car charger to charge it. This method is best to add nano carbon sol battery activator to extend the battery life for more than one year. The principle of adding water to the dry cleaner’s steam water repair battery: add less water instead of too much. If there is less water, you can add more. If you add more, it will affect the acid density of the battery. Remember the battery wiring: the battery wiring is connected in series. The positive pole of the battery is connected to the negative pole of another battery. Open the battery cover carefully, use steadily, and try not to break it. The needle of the syringe must be removed. The needle is made of metal. Contact with the electrolyte will cause the battery to be scrapped. The syringe head can be connected to a 10CM long plastic infusion tube. If the electric vehicle ran within 10 kilometers, repairing with the above method is invalid, because the lead oxide of the battery plate is severely peeled off. (If you need to repair, pay attention to the public account: Little Coppersmith Battery Repair) The sooner you add distilled water, the better, and you should add it when your electric car's journey starts to shorten, otherwise the battery performance will get worse and worse, and eventually it will be invalid and scrapped. . Always add pure distilled water or nano carbon sol battery activator for maintenance, your battery will last for more than 2 years. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous post: How to recycle the retired BYD power lithium-ion battery?
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