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How to reduce waste lithium battery recycling sources forklift?

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
A group of ordinary forklift lithium battery normal life in three years or so, to a certain period, old batteries will be in the scrap processing, the factory can't be put on hold, so how to deal with waste lithium battery forklift? What are the pollution in the process of recycling way? Because the battery pollution has great cycle is long, concealment, its potential harm is quite serious, improper handling can cause secondary pollution. Our country some farmers in the coastal province of lead in the recovery of lead acid lithium battery, because of improper recycling, throw away the waste liquid containing lead and sulfuric acid, not only cause of lead poisoning, and makes the local crops can't grow. How to safely recycling and processing waste batteries in time, before people have increasingly prominent, avoid pollution appears again in the future, forklift lithium battery recycling must face those more formal and lack of recovery qualification of the enterprise, we live in the same environment, the earth, the main manufacturing materials of lithium battery is lead, lead poisoning mainly focused on the harm of human body, digestive system and nervous system work in the lithium battery plant operators to develop of management of occupational chronic lead poisoning rates as high as 25% ~ 30%. More seriously, lead poisoning is not only limited in the lithium battery factory adult operators lead poisoning reaction, even around also appeared many children lead poisoning reaction; Factory should avoid forklift lithium battery pollution way, in the late for something to have a certain strength of the recycling plant.
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