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How to choose and buy lithium battery forklift?

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
Lithium battery forklift model forklift dedicated li-ion battery forklift lithium battery in the work to the 3 ~ 4 years later, apparently feel weak, the standard weight of the fork and fork weight gap now, how to buy a set of long life, high cost performance of lithium battery forklift is numerous problems of forklift users, we can start from lithium battery forklift brand, cycle times, price comparison, the lithium battery forklift weight into consideration, it is information age, the Internet can query the information of various manufacturers and agents, understand their professional knowledge whether meet the requirements, a lot of pure trading company, even the lithium battery forklift models all have no, this time to note, once post-production after-sales problem, cannot be solved. When the choose and buy lithium battery forklift to prevent the bad manufacturer the sham as the genuine products with famous brand logo, with a less known and inferior brand must see clear, so when buying not only is the identity, complete warranty card production date and whether the product serial number, check with manufacturer for the best, prevent swindled. Pay attention to the power match, depending on the forklift use usually to choose appropriate lithium battery. Pay particular attention to don't choose small power lithium batteries used in high-power forklift, will lead to the occurrence of safety accidents oh, serious will scrap the lithium battery. Much keep an eye when the choose and buy, especially the brand after how, only good after-sales is your fault and in the future to obtain the very good solution. Not after a period of time to use it is difficult to distinguish the quality of lithium batteries, so before buying can get direct impression from the appearance, the purchaser should watch battery whether the outer packing is elegant, strong battery shell and connection terminals are clean and bright, seal are in good condition, whether the terminal welding firmly, without leakage, deformation, crack, corrosion, etc. , these can be from one side reflect the quality of the battery, the capacity of the battery if a nominal value by charging and discharging test, new purchases of lithium battery after more than 8 hours of continuous charging, with a certain value of resistance to discharge the load test, the discharge at regular intervals to measure voltage of the battery, on the basis of the ratio of the voltage of the draw down over time graph, the battery voltage drops slowly for optimal. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD focus on lithium battery forklift research and sales of all products in accordance with DIN, JIS standards, provide high quality service and the most cost-effective lithium battery. Source: the lithium battery forklift, it is prohibited to illegally reproduced! This paper addresses: newshow. asp吗? nid=744& lid=83
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