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How to check test of the lithium battery forklift?

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Check test of lithium battery forklift can response the actual capacity of the battery pack, we generally suggest before delivery as the capacity of the actual test, so the theoretical value of the user in the later time, no matter what kind of equipment capacity tests, must be in C5 time as a benchmark, because lithium battery forklift is continue to work and the discharge of a process, can not meet the requirements, will reduce its energy storage power, lithium battery at a constant current for charging, after reaching the rated capacity, to undertake to discharge the battery pack with constant current, to monomer battery voltage or total battery voltage to end voltage. Capacity is calculated by the following formula: C = = I * t ( C is the battery capacity, Ah; I was A constant discharge current; T is the discharge time h) ; ( 2) Check: sex discharge in float charging condition of the battery pack for a long time, if only rely on the measurement of monomer battery voltage across it is difficult to judge whether the battery failure, is through some effective measures to check the discharge test to test battery capacity, the judge of the battery. Inspection method is to the battery pack from the UPS system, with constant current and constant power discharge. When battery monomer battery into the provisions of the termination voltage, immediately terminate discharge, avoid discharge; ( 3) With discharge: in addition to the discharge capacity test and check the sex, in does not affect the normal power load, make UPS system in battery mode, load discharge time, the actual load capacity test, can test the battery pack of actual loading ability, in this way the best discriminant out a set of batteries, whether individual battery performance decline, in time for replacement, but this kind of test has certain risk, needs to be done in the case of security, forklift truck load of lithium battery not appropriate is too large current through the initial experiment, output value of the theory of can be calculated first, in the detection.
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