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How to build the lithium battery industry first-line brand, how to do?

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Lithium battery custom manufacturer, provide efficient green power for the world in 2015, the electric car instead of walking in the country has emerged, and the development at the rate of annual increase exponentially. However, to form a complete set of lithium battery service life is only half a year, it can't help letting consumers and walking car manufacturers complain. In such a market environment, the foreign brands enter, lithium-ion batteries occupied the domestic lithium battery market. Each walking all car manufacturers to use foreign brand lithium-ion batteries as a selling point, to justify their vehicle quality is excellent. Lithium battery study, under the weight of introduced electric car twisting, lithium battery, a listed its superior quality products has been widely recognized. The various performance indicators are more than well-known brands abroad, twisting, electric car manufacturer cheered after the trial, many manufacturers have to terminate the cooperation with foreign brands abroad, turning. This time, the success of the further established the leading position in the lithium battery industry. Through constant innovation and development, from small businesses to develop into today's specializing in electric lithium battery and energy storage type lithium batteries, lithium battery industry leading enterprises, its product not only occupies an important position in the field of domestic lithium battery, sells in distant markets overseas, to become a truly international company. For many years people have been adhere to the 'advocacy of green energy, perfect human life' enterprise idea, this is also is an important factor to become well-known brands at home and abroad. With the development of new energy industry in recent years and the steady development of the traditional industries, the lithium battery industry also usher in a new development opportunity. In order to accelerate the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, secure a position in the field of international electric cars and hybrid vehicles, a series of industrial support policy of our country. Not only to improve the overall level of new energy vehicles industry, more in line with the concept of green environmental protection, to develop the electric vehicle power battery, to support the electric bikes in China, the rapid development of electric cars and hybrid vehicles. At the end of 2014, with original independent intellectual property rights of electric bicycle lithium ion battery system formally rolled off the production line, marked the development of electric lithium ion battery system has been completed. Facing the lithium ion battery industry increasingly fierce competitive environment, study found that the current lithium ion battery homogeneity phenomenon is serious. As the industry's leading enterprises, the decisive proposed 'eliminate homogeneity, find the differentiation development strategy. Was formally established in October 2015 lithium ion battery network group, it marks the lithium ion battery transition from traditional sales mode in the network marketing mode. At this stage mainly has carried on the technology import, and constantly increase the r&d funds input, give full play to the independent innovation ability, so as to promote the industry towards more environmentally friendly new energy era of health. For lithium battery in the field of research and development, as well as companies' advocate green travel, starts from me, to environmental causes and the electric car will make a great contribution to the development of lithium battery. If you are interested in lithium battery or have any questions, please contact our online customer service, click or call:, lithium battery provides efficient green power for the world!
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